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    Caring for a child is hard in this society.  In this webinar we will examine the struggles we all face and find solutions that don't require us to sacrifice the well-being of the children we have been given the responsibility of caring for.  By looking at why parenting is so hard in our culture, we also can come to find ways to help us overcome these difficulties. I have made this webinar free because I know how many families are affected by this issue and I want to help as many as possible find reassurance and some methods moving forward.  Your registration includes access to both times the webinar is run as well as a streaming of the two sessions for 30 days after in case you cannot make it last minute or you want to revisit it.


    Saturday September 14 at 7:30pm-8:30pm Sunday September 15 at 10:30am-11:30am

    An email with a link for streaming of the webinar will be available for 30 days afterwards 

    Maximum spots: 50 (due to technical constraints)

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    Most parents are not prepared for raising a high-needs or orchid child and even less prepared for how harsh our culture can be for these sensitive children.  Contrary to modern advice to toughen up our kids to face the harsh world, these children require a much more gentle and supportive hand if they are to thrive, just as the orchid requires extensive care to grow into the beautiful flower it is.  Although orchid children are at higher risk for some negative outcomes, this is tempered by the fact that when they are given the right environment and the right support, they actually do better than those children who are more resilient at the start.  The goal for this 4-week course is to help you create that environment and provide that support in a culture that is working against you.  As always, the course comes with office hours to help individualize the information to your child and situation.  For more details, you can read the longer description below. Format: Written and streaming audio link (link will be provided in each email and will be a reading of the written content), office hours via Zoom or email Number of Spots: 30
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    This is a 2-week course that looks at some of the issues surrounding helping a child cope with separation, setting parenting plans that respect the child’s needs and put them first, and practical strategies and tools for co-parenting.  Each week will provide the material in written and audio form and all participants will receive the chance for 1 private 30-minute chat with me to help them make these plans best suited to their situation. Format: Written and streaming audio link (link will be provided in each email and will be a reading of the written content) Number of Spots: 30