A. Sleep Package – October 2020


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Sleep is one of the most pressing concerns for families with young children.  Unfortunately, understanding what is biologically normal is missing in our culture as is the fact that sleep is not something that exists in a vacuum.  Sleep is dependent upon so many factors and when I work with families, I make sure to look at all of these factors to maximize people’s well-being.  Sometimes there are changes to routines, sometimes health changes, sometimes there’s acceptance and working with expectations and how to handle one’s own sleep needs, but there is no one solution that works for all families.

In this package, I’ll work with you over three sessions to go through these various factors and find the ways that work with your child and your family to meet everyone’s needs as best as possible.  Please read below for more information on the package and what it includes.

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Too often people think sleep is something that is it’s own entity, that exists in a vacuum, unaffected by anything other than wake times and windows, so-called bad habits, and getting the right schedule.  Unfortunately this isn’t the case.  Sleep is incredibly complex and affected by a variety of factors including temperament, daily routines, what we eat, how often we eat, our relationships with others, and so much more.  When we examine sleep through this lens, we can see that not only are some of the changes we desire not things that our kids will go to easily, but we can also see that in order to facilitate any change, we have to be open to doing this holistically.

In this sleep package, I take the time to work with families to not only come up with realistic expectations for what sleep can and should look like for their child in their situation, but to find ways to implement any needed changes in ways that respect the needs of the child and the needs of the adults.  Because there are so many factors that affect sleep, this package provides the time to discuss all of them in depth and take the time to implement one or two changes at a time instead of trying to change everything at once.

When you book this package, we start with a 75 min intake call to go over your situation and pick one or two areas to start with.  Which these are will be wholly dependent on your situation.  For example, if you’re in a crisis, we’ll want to address that first before making longer-term changes, but if you’re not there yet, we may start with routines or health concerns if there are any.  In the first follow-up (which is 45 min in length) we’ll review progress and move to the next area(s).  In the final follow-up (also 45 min), we’ll review any concerns and cover any final areas that haven’t been covered and hopefully have time to review what comes next.  After each of these calls you’ll get a brief summary of what we discussed on that call and what steps you’ll be working on over the next 2-3 weeks.  In between calls, I’ll be available for support via WhatsApp or email to see you through these changes and answer any questions you may have or listen to any venting you want to give me.

My goal here is to be your ally and help you better understand your child and their needs to maximize everyone’s well-being.

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