Back to Basics: An Infant and Toddler Sleep Course

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This 4-week email course is for those who are currently struggling with sleep or who may just want to jump the gun and understand more about the sleep process, the expectations we can have, how to navigate being responsive with self-care, and how to make gentle changes when necessary.  The course includes the emails, some optional homework, and a one-on-one individual session with me to help you personalize the information from the course.  See below for more details on the four units.

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Format: Written content weekly, audio links for written content, and 1 30-minute individual session

19 in stock

Each course comes with a 1 30-min one-on-one session but you can purchase additional sessions if you feel you would like the extra help


This email course is a 4-week course designed to help you with your baby or toddler’s sleep.  Each week you will receive an email with information on topic, optional homework (when relevant), and you will have the opportunity to ask your individual questions to me during a one-on-one 30-min individual session that you can sign up for.

The topics for the course include:

  1. Setting realistic expectations.  This involves a look at your child and the factors that impact sleep and knowing how they interact to determine what kind of sleep is “normal” for your child.  This also includes looking at health issues or feeding issues to determine if outside help is needed.
  2. Understanding how sleep works (and how this can help you).  Just setting expectations isn’t enough, we need to know what biological factors influence sleep and how we can work with them to guide our children to the best sleep for them.  When we work with our child’s rhythm (and help set it appropriately), then sleep is often much easier all else being equal.
  3. Knowing how to care for yourself.  This is often a forgotten element for families.  They get so focused on all of the burden of change being put on the child, they ignore they hold immense power to take control of their own lives and find ways to provide for themselves while caring for their kids.  This is especially important for parents with higher-needs children.
  4. How to make gentle changes.  Once we know what is normal and what isn’t, or when we know if something really isn’t working for us, we need to know how to make changes without risking harm to our kids.  Gentle sleep changes are a necessary discussion and one we will focus on too.

Format: Written content weekly, audio links for written content, and 1 30-minute individual session

6 reviews for Back to Basics: An Infant and Toddler Sleep Course

  1. Elizabeth Butler, PsyD

    Dr. Cassels’ course was incredibly helpful. She explains biologically normal baby sleep in this easily-digestible series, describing ways to practice personal sleep hygiene, model self-care for your child, understanding naps and allowing them to unfold naturally, and more. I loved being able to read it on my own schedule. I highly recommend taking this.

  2. Sabrina D’Arcy

    I’m so pleased I signed up for this course! I enjoyed sharing and chatting about the emails with my partner as we have 2 wakeful “orchid” kids! Being reminded about biologically norms in regards to sleep, looking at our expectations reasonable, modifying sleep environment, being able to look at our own behaviours for self care to help fill our cup and realising “rods” are a wonderfully responsive normal way to parent made such a difference to us! Thank you and I would love a similar course on gentle parenting for these awesome “orchid” / “high needs” kids. Validation of these amazing kids we have and knowing that we are doing a great job is huge. Thank you!’

  3. Tanya Knox

    I would recommend this course to every parent. It’s so valuable knowing what is biologically normal for our little ones and how to approach sleep in a way that nurtures them and maximises rest for the whole family.
    It’s so reassuring to see information presented by a true expert in the field, that is gentle and respectful to babies and toddlers.
    What great suggestions for self care and juggling everything that comes with having wakeful children without sacrificing their wellbeing. Loved it!

  4. Yolandi Martinson (verified owner)

    This is without a doubt the best investment and money spent on my girl so far!! Tracy is a wealth of knowledge and I am recommending this course to anyone who cares to listen (and those who don’t).

    Not only have I learned so much, but we have been able to work on my girl’s sleep and identify that the reason she was waking every 20-30minutes was allergies. Her sleep has already improved so much and I received not only advise on our current situation but also on the path ahead.

    We have also been able to get her down to sleep much easier with all the info on sleep pressure and I am looking forward to the time ahead!!

    I will def be back for some of the other courses in future.

    Thank you Tracy xx

  5. Bianca van der Meulen (verified owner)

    As a first-time mom figuring everything out for the first time, but who also has strong intuitions about what my baby needs, I struggled for months to find a voice among “sleep experts” that I actually trusted. I’m so glad I came across Tracy’s blog!

    The course material helped my husband and I get on the same page about sleep and frame our struggles in a way that wasn’t anxiety-inducing. In the consultations, Tracy addressed our specific concerns thoroughly. After getting little help from our doctors, it was such a relief talking to someone who both knew what might be going on and seemed to care.

    If you like Tracy’s blog, you will definitely love this course. I’m so grateful for her grounded and thoughtful approach.

  6. Mildred (verified owner)

    If you are looking for the basics about sleep for mother, baby and toddler, this is just perfect.

    The course is written very well with a bit of humor. It was easy to read and I have learned so much that I had never read anywhere else – and I have read a lot.

    With three kids and two ‘bad’ sleepers, I have learned about how they sleep, why they sleep like this and what I can do to help. There are a lot of books about sleep and attachment parenting, and most leave me with a feeling of ‘suck it up and keep going for 3 or 4 years’, but Tracy’s course finds a beautiful balance between the needs of a mother and her child.

    The last week about selfcare was interesting too.

    It was never judgemental, but really informative and I’m glad I got a change to follow this course.

    As many parents can relate: there was never a course or a book written about their child. Because of that, it was very good to be able to have a 30 minute call with Tracy: blanks that I couldn’t fill in for my specific situation, where discussed in depth and I could use all the information I got.

    And bonus: Tracy’s voice beautiful and a pleasure to listen to in the dark and lonely hours of the night.

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