Consultation or Sleep Help – November 2019


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If you would like to book a 15-min call to see if we are a match, please visit the Individual Help Page here.

Consultations can be made on a wide array of issues.  I have worked with families on sleep, discipline, school/daycare, social and emotional development, welcoming siblings, divorce, and more.  I take a very individualized approach which allows me to take your situation into account with any recommendations I may have.

Consultations can be done via Skype, phone, or email and cover a broad range of issues and are perfect for most topics.  For Skype and phone options, it includes a 75-minute session, a brief (1-2 page) summary of what we discussed, and email follow-up.  For the email option, you get three emails from me which are longer and more in-depth than the follow-up emails above.  The first provides a report (longer than the summary, but not as long as the in-depth report) and the second and third are for follow-up questions/concerns.

Once you purchase the consultation, you will receive a link for the scheduler in order to book your appointment.  At that time, you can also purchase a more in-depth (8-10 page) report which would include far more information, reading recommendations, and more.

Note that if you are a repeat client, please do not book here, but email me for your direct link.

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Sometimes we need help.  Sometimes we struggle in ways that people can’t understand and we need someone who can see us through.  We need to be heard, supported, and to have someone help us through what is going on, whether it’s a sleep problem, behavioural problems, school problems, or just parenting in general.  This is why people approach me for assistance.  They aren’t looking for a way out, but rather a way through to the other side.

I have worked with hundreds of families to help them through their unique situations.  No two solutions are the same for people and so it is up to me to listen to your needs and your goals and help you figure out whether we need to tweak the goals or how we can get to a space where everyone is happy.

Please know that I will NEVER promote any form of first-wave behaviourist methods like sleep training or spanking.  My approach is gentle and backed by science (whenever possible – some things just haven’t been studied).  I will refer you to other professionals if I feel it’s necessary and will work with you as long as you need it to achieve what you are looking for.

However, I must be clear that you are responsible for the action part of this.  I can only provide ideas, if you choose not to implement them I promise I won’t be hurt, but that will affect how things go moving forward.

If you would like to read testimonials from previous clients, please check them out here.