Descartes Baby by Dr. Paul Bloom

From Tracy:

There is reason for controversy over some of the ideas here, but like all things academic, that is the sign of a good book.  Written years ago, but a great look at the debate over nature versus nurture.


From Amazon:

All humans see the world in two fundamentally different ways: even babies have a rich understanding of both the physical and social worlds. They expect objects to obey principles of physics, and they’re startled when things disappear or defy gravity. Yet they can also read emotions and respond with anger, sympathy, and joy.In Descartes’ Baby, Bloom draws on a wealth of scientific discoveries to show how these two ways of knowing give rise to such uniquely human traits as humor, disgust, religion, art, and morality. How our dualist perspective, developed throughout our lives, profoundly influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions is the subject of this richly rewarding book.

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