D. Discussion Call – 30 minutes


Please note that all prices are billed in Canadian dollars.  You can see what this is in your currency using the currency converter here.

Sometimes we just need someone to talk things through with.  We have smaller questions or just need to be reassured by what we are doing.  In these cases, a full consultation is not something you want to spend the money or time on, and that is why I have created these discussion calls as an option for families.  The topics can be anything relating to parenting – sleep, discipline, schooling, etc. – and you will have my ear and my time to help you through whatever the issue happens to be.

These sessions do not include the reports and follow-up that come with a regular consultation.  You can choose between a 30-min option or a 60-min option (click here).   Once you register you will receive a link to a scheduler where you can also choose the type of contact (Skype, phone, or Zoom).  If no time works for you, just send me an email (tracy@evolutionaryparenting.com) and we will make it work.  I have yet to find it impossible to find time to speak to any client (unless they have chosen to interact via email instead which can also be a possibility if you need it).


The discussion call is a perfect option for a few cases, but is not meant to replace a fuller consultation when there are larger issues at play.  However, these sessions can be helpful under the following circumstances:

  • You have a smaller issue that you need to talk through
  • You want to do multiple smaller calls without support in between
  • You have a lot of small questions you want to just get answers to
  • You are strapped financially (and many are these days) but still need support

If you are unsure about what kind of support would be best for you, I recommend you book a free 15-min call for us to discuss what would best suit your needs (click here).

These calls come in either a 30- or 60-min options (for the 60-min option click here).  I warn you now that 30 minutes is rarely enough for some issues so you would need to know that you may not get to all your questions or concerns during that time and I must be strict with the 30-min limit in order to meet the needs of other clients.  However, I am happy to always book a second time if needed.