Educating the Experts eBook


Unsure of the mainstream “expert” advice given to parents?  Want the scientific reasons why you can throw most of it out in favour of gentle and responsive parenting?  This ebook is for you.


Product Description

My “Educating the Experts” posts remain, year after year, some of the most-shared and most-viewed on this site.  I believe that the scientific approach coupled with the breakdown of topics resonates with families looking to better understand the modern advice – that is highly flawed – given to parents these days.  To make this information more readily available while adding new information, I have created an Educating the Experts eBook available only online through Evolutionary Parenting.  Although you may have read the series online, I have edited the content for the book and included two new chapters/”lessons” that cover (1) breastfeeding and sleep training, and (2) the notion that sleep training is “proven safe and effective”.  This latter chapter is one of the most important ones I believe exists as it really lays out what science we have to support the onslaught of sleep training that parents face these days.

The eBook comes in PDF format so that it can be easily converted to EPUB for those with eReaders, but can also be read on a computer for those without.


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