Educating the Experts eBook


Unsure of the mainstream “expert” advice given to parents?  Want the scientific reasons why you can throw most of it out in favour of gentle and responsive parenting?  This ebook is for you.


Sick of being told by the “experts” that you need to:

Sleep train?
Schedule feeds?
Not hold your baby too much?
Let them cry?
Get them into a schedule quickly?

I am too.  In this ebook, I tackle the common advice that is given to parents by these so-called experts using science.  For example:

It’s okay – and even good! – to hold your baby all the time.  (Chapter on Touch)
Sleep training doesn’t actually improve your baby’s sleep, according to research.  (Chapter on the Efficacy of Sleep Training)
Breastfeeding on demand is associated with all sorts of good outcomes.  (Chapter on Schedules)

Get ready to realize how wrong most experts are and learn to feel confident in responding to your baby’s needs.

The eBook comes in PDF format so that it can be easily converted to EPUB for those with eReaders, but can also be read on a computer for those without.

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  1. Tracy

    From Paula S via email (shared with permission):

    “I bought your book Educating the Experts and I`m crying while I read it. Because the whole time (all the 6 months of his life) I knew in my heart that what you learn is the right thing. But people around you have this crazy notions that a baby can be manipulative and the poor mother feels like she could be spoiling him by giving LOVE.

    I know that this was not the reason I had Postpartum Depression, but it definitely didn`t help.

    So… THANK YOU so so much for your courage to defend this babies and help us who are lost! Because this CHARLATANS are hurting us from inside out.”

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