Finding Daycare: Navigating the Murky World of Child Care in Today’s Society


Welcome to the wonderful world of child care.  It is nearly guaranteed to plague you with feelings of guilt, fear, and doubt as you hear people’s unbridled opinions on the issue, both good and bad.  The goal of this ebook is to help you navigate the very murky, difficult waters of child care so that you can come to a decision that you feel confident in and prepares you for any event that may result in having to stand up for your child or even a change of care.  By going through the hard work now, you can feel confident and secure that you are doing the best you can for your child when it comes to their care.


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Deciding on child care can be one of the hardest decisions a parent makes.  There are so many factors to consider and often we are driven by what is culturally normal as opposed to what might be best for our children.  This ebook was designed after working with families on this very decision.  Realizing how little information is out there to counter the normative view of what parents should do, this ebook was borne of a desire to show families that there are alternatives and they have the power and ability to stand up for their children within their circumstances.

The book is short enough to finish quickly but dense enough to provide the information and questions you need to be asking to make sure you are comfortable with your child’s care situation.  Chapters include:

  1. The Concept of Allocare
  2. The Factors that Matter
  3. Types of Child Care
  4. How to Get Your Child Adjusted
  5. When Things Go Wrong
  6. The Research

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