Raising Orchids: A Course on Raising the High-Needs or Orchid Child


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Most parents are not prepared for raising a high-needs or orchid child and even less prepared for how harsh our culture can be for these sensitive children.  Contrary to modern advice to toughen up our kids to face the harsh world, these children require a much more gentle and supportive hand if they are to thrive, just as the orchid requires extensive care to grow into the beautiful flower it is.  Although orchid children are at higher risk for some negative outcomes, this is tempered by the fact that when they are given the right environment and the right support, they actually do better than those children who are more resilient at the start.  The goal for this 4-week course is to help you create that environment and provide that support in a culture that is working against you.  As always, the course comes with office hours to help individualize the information to your child and situation.  For more details, you can read the longer description below.

Format: Written and streaming audio link (link will be provided in each email and will be a reading of the written content) and 1 one-on-one 30-min session (or “office hours”) with me (you can add-on additional sessions if you’d like).

8 in stock

Each course comes with a 1 30-min one-on-one session but you can purchase additional sessions if you feel you would like the extra help


You’ve heard the labels: high-needs, orchid, “difficult”.  Whatever people want to call it, raising these kids can feel isolating and frustrating.  As parents, you watch your children struggle in ways others don’t seem to, whether it’s with sleep or discipline or school, and then you can’t help but wonder What the heck am I doing wrong?  The answer, it turns out, is nothing.  Some children truly do struggle more than others and when parents and parenting experts try to tell you to use this method or that to get them to be more like the other kids you see, they are failing to consider that your child is just… different.

Although this difference can feel harder so much of the time, there is a very larger silver lining to this: When we understand our high-needs children and we can meet them where they are at and provide the type of environment that works for them, they thrive.  Not just thriving like most other kids, but they seem to go beyond all other children.  It sounds like a far-fetched statement when you’re in the midst of the 10th wake-up or the clingy behaviour in the 5-year-old or the downward spiral of shame in the older child or teen, but it’s true.

In this 4-week course, we will examine what it means to raise an orchid child through various ages and stages.  The course will cover things like:

  • Sleep troubles
  • The emotional side of the orchid
  • Discipline with the orchid child
  • The benefits of being orchid
  • Helping them thrive in a culture that is not for them
  • And more…

Through weekly “lessons” and “homework”, you will work at your own pace through the information and of course I am there to help you personalize the content in our one 30-min individual session.

9 reviews for Raising Orchids: A Course on Raising the High-Needs or Orchid Child

  1. Yolandi Martinson (verified owner)

    Yet another AMAZING course by Tracy.

    I have learnt so much not only about my intense orchid 2yo, but also my husband who is 100% an orchid.

    Highly recommended!!

  2. Monica (verified owner)

    Growing Orchids was absolutely fascinating and imperative information for raising my own little Orchid. Understanding my child more deeply has given me the confidence in my parenting to know there is nothing “wrong” with my daughter (even if others may suggest there are). She just needs the right environment to grow into the stunning flower she can be. I loved the bonus “adult Orchid” sections which helped me identify my own Orchidness and the impact that can have on my parenting. Thank you Tracy for this amazing course!!

  3. Elise (verified owner)

    Amazing! It was like a manual for my 2.5 year old’s brain. The one on one help really made a huge difference to those little things we agonise over too ❤️

  4. Sabrina D’Arcy (verified owner)

    I am always blown away by Tracy’s work – it’s so thorough, easy to read and totally relatable! Thank you for helping open my eyes to what I CAN do to help my little orchid and to remind me of what a valuable and important job I am doing in parenting this way. I finished the course feeling so empowered and also enjoyed sharing my new knowledge with my husband and prenatal too! (So we are all on the same page)

    Tracy is so approachable and friendly in your office hours too.

    Thank you for creating this amazing resource!

  5. Ana Lúcia Berndt (verified owner)

    This course saved my life. I know it sounds a bit dramatic, and it probably is (maybe my own orchidness showing up). When I listened to the first audio tears started to flow, as the way Tracy described an orchid child summed up so much about my son, and also the way I felt about the whole thing. I’m already into a very gentle parenting approach, but I was starting to doubt everything I was doing, since my 3 1/2 year old boy seems so dependent and clingy. Understanding how his brain functions immediately helped us to be more patient and loving and to accept that there wasn’t anything seriously wrong with our parenting. This was the main thing for me, since it made me stronger in my own way of parenting my child. But the practical advice proved to be very effective strait away too. Thank you a lot, Tracy, for saving my motherhood-life. 😉💖

  6. Hollie (verified owner)

    What an amazing course! The right length and pitched at the perfect level, while still addressing my most pressing concerns about my 2 orchids. It gave me the practical tools that I need to help them cope with their big feelings, but also unexpectedly helped me understand myself! The course hours were so helpful in helping me consolidate the information from the course to apply to my own orchids. Thank you Tracy!

  7. Mildred (verified owner)

    This was another amazing course from Tracy. Helpful, informative and sometimes a bit personal, which added something extra to the course.

    Being able to have a call with her is a blessing for two reasons:
    It kept me right on track, because I wanted to ask usefull questions, not something that I could already learn in the course.
    It helped me with some personal questions about my 4 y/o.

    Having done this course, I can understand my children better and be more patient and aware with them. It’s an absolute blessing to be able to follow this one!

  8. Karen Graham (verified owner)

    Thank you Tracey for putting this course together. It has helped me to not only manage my own orchids better (and here I was thinking I only had one of them prior to the course and that my son was “just high energy”), but also (and very importantly) to see all of the positive traits of an orchid. It also brought to light my adult “orchidness” and has given me a more positive outlook as to my own issues and reaffirmed how important it is for me to work through how my orchidness was managed by those around me as I grew up.

  9. Donna Heldon (verified owner)

    What a wonderful course! Thank you Tracy for putting together such clear information and guidance for understanding and helping orchids to thrive. It has made a world of difference to how I see and parent my orchid twins, and also given me an insight into my own orchidness. The one-to-one calls were great and enabled me to troubleshoot some specific issues. I now have so much more confidence in my parenting approach and my ability to advocate for my children. Tracy is very warm and generous and a joy to talk to. Very highly recommended!

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