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Most of the time I find that there isn’t really one small problem that needs to be addressed, but rather that one problem has larger impacts on the family as a whole.  For example, sleep problems affect the entire family and can result in discord between parents as well as difficulties in functioning and with siblings.  I find most people need not just some quick advice, but ongoing support for a period of time to best understand the situation as a whole, work on meeting everyone’s needs, and help implement any changes.  It’s also nice to have someone there for you on a regular basis when you’re going through a hard time.

Because of this, I created the in-depth option to work with a certain number of families each month.  This involves a weekly call for four weeks so we can keep on top of everything and just be there whenever you run into a snag as well as regular email or messenger contact and brief summaries of the recommendations each week.


You can read testimonials of my work with families here.


Sometimes we need more than just one call for help.  Sometimes we struggle in ways that people can’t understand and we need more.  We need to be heard, supported, and to have someone help us through what is going on, whether it’s a sleep problem, behavioural problems, school problems, or just parenting in general.  This is what this package is for.

Often I have clients who see their issue in one way, but then realize that there is so much more going on.  It’s not “just” sleep because that has impacted family relationships, functioning, and even bonding.  This is when more in-depth help is needed because we can’t just look at a problem like it exists in a vacuum, because it doesn’t.  But this is also when we need more support, more encouragement, and more care.

In this option, you will receive 4 weekly calls (60 min each), messenger or email contact in between, and brief summaries of recommendations.  You are only asked to pay the deposit which is equal to one consultation and then I will bill the remainder after our first call.  This means if you have one call and things seems pretty good, you don’t need to continue and don’t need to worry about overpaying!

Once you have this booked, you will be given instructions as to how we’ll set up the time.  As I may need to email you, PLEASE make sure your email is entered correctly upon check-out.


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