Parenting By Heart by Pinky McKay

From Tracy:

Pinky is one of my favourites and her gentle and understanding approach for families is much-needed in our sleep training culture.  This one will have you feeling confident and content in your parenting.


From Amazon:

The survival guide for new parents: everything you need to know about your baby’s sleeping, feeding, and routines in the first 12 months. Everyone loves to tell a new parent what they “should” be doing. But you know best what your baby needs; you just have to trust your instincts. Pinky McKay has helped thousands of parents feel confident and in tune with their baby. Every day she works hands on with mothers and their babies, helping to take the stress out of life with a newborn. In this essential guide to your baby’s first year, Pinky provides the best information available on how to feed your baby, how to get your baby to sleep, how to stop your baby crying, surviving the first six weeks and beyond, how life changes when you have a baby, routines that will suit everyone, and much, much more. The secret to success is in acknowledging that babies come in all shapes and sizes. This book will help you find the best solutions for your baby.

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