Parenting Is Hard


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Caring for a child is hard whether we are a mother, father, grandparent, child care working, or whoever.  In this webinar we will examine the struggles we all face and find solutions that don’t require us to sacrifice the well-being of the children we have been given the responsibility of caring for.  It’s okay to admit that caring is hard.  It’s also up to us as adults to find our ways around this instead of putting the burden of change on our kids, but this requires support and help.  We’re here for that.  See below for more information on the topics for this webinar.


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This is a 2-hour webinar for who are struggling with parenting in the moment.  As we all know, parenting can be HARD and it can be made worse when we live in a society that is lacking support and unforgiving of our struggles.  Over the two hours, we will cover:

  • Why parenting is hard: The biological-cultural mismatch
  • Your support system: Building it up
  • The importance of self-care: You matter too and how can you care for yourself in this world
  • Our child as our ally: Focusing on relationships

My hope is to give you the tools to help you find meaning and joy in parenting again.


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