Sharing Control: A Course on Discipline Across the Ages – January 2020

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“[This course] should be a rite of passage for all parents.”
~ Sabrina, mother of 2, Australia

One of the most common problems parents face today is how to handle the various issues surrounding discipline and being in charge.  In this 4-week course, we will cover topics pertaining to our expectations for our children, the issue of punishment versus consequences, how to be “in charge”, how to handle specific common situations like tantrums and not listening, and so much more.  You can read more details below.  As always, the course comes with virtual office hours so you can ask me your individual questions to help make this course more relevant for your specific situation.

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34 in stock


One of the most common problems parents face today is how to handle the various issues surrounding discipline and being in charge.  We are regularly told that we have to be the ones in control of our kids and they will appreciate that in the long run, but this is often suggested as meaning we employ methods that are coercive or harsh to keep our kids “in line”.  And when they fail to stay in line, parents get frustrated and resort to more and more discipline in hopes of “fixing” the problems.

But what if the problem is the very basis by which we approach discipline?  What if the problem isn’t our kids, but the way in which we are interacting with them?

In this 4-week email course with office hours, we will focus on the foundations of discipline across ages and stages (for really, the principles remain the same, but the execution will differ) with specific focus on:

  • Expectations for behaviours and why this matters so much
  • Learning about teaching appropriate boundaries (and why certain ones aren’t so appropriate)
  • Enforcing boundaries with love
  • Why punishment doesn’t work and what to do instead
  • The importance of connection
  • Why our language matters
  • And more

Office hours are available for all participants.  Office hours are scheduled as 30-min one-on-one chats and each participant is able to sign up twice (for a total of 1 hour of office hours) and are scheduled to accommodate the various time zones.  If times offered don’t work , email questions can be sent or you can email me to find a suitable time for both of us.

Note: At no point in this course will you see me promote any punishment, time-outs, etc.  This is a GENTLE discipline course that focuses on how to engage positively with our children and learn how to be in charge while being respectful and loving with our kids.  This can seem harder, but it truly is a better option in the long-run.

8 reviews for Sharing Control: A Course on Discipline Across the Ages – January 2020

  1. Yolandi Martinson (verified owner)

    Yet again an AMAZING course by Tracy! This one should be taken by all parents who want to know not only how to handle discipline, but why it is important to use connection and how to set boundaries.

    I got more out of this than I could ever imagine and feel ready to take on the toddler years that has hit us almost overnight with big feelings and emotions.

    The office hours are such a great time to get some feedback on personal quesrions that you might have.

    Tracy is so warm and open and makes you feel right at home.

  2. Sabrina D’Arcy (verified owner)

    I am so glad I decided to join this course – it has been a game changer for our family! Not only validating how we are choosing to parent, but also a great resource to help my husband and my parents all be on the same side with tips and examples of how to put it all into place. I’m so glad I found this information now. It’s really helping my confidence grow as a mother.

    Tracy is so wonderful and helpful too – beyond happy to answer any and all questions I had!

    Thank you for all your hard work that has gone into this. It’s incredibly appreciated!

  3. Tanya Knox (verified owner)

    This course is simply amazing. It is absolutely worthwhile for anyone parenting a toddler, preschooler or older child, or preparing to. Tracy offers so much knowledge (backed up by science!) that respects and values the child and how best to connect with and work with them. My family has benefited so much from the practical suggestions offered by Tracy and I’m already feeling more connected to my toddler and equipped to navigate the many challenges that come with parenting a beautifully strong willed little human.
    Highly recommend to anyone considering this course – you will not regret it!

  4. Elise (verified owner)

    Amazing content, easy to digest and the support via the office hours was invaluable. I feel so prepared for how to support and guide my daughter, who is 2 years old.

  5. Monica (verified owner)

    Sharing Control is the most important course I have ever completed because it has deepened my understanding of and connection with my children. Tracy has managed to simplify complex information and make it really digestible. Office hours have been wonderful for discussing my own personal concerns.

    I hope that one day Tracy Cassels is a household name and that all parents everywhere realise there is a better way. What an incredible world Tracy could help create for our children & our children’s children then!

    Thank you Tracy for bringing me closer to my children. I am forever grateful!

  6. Christina (verified owner)

    Excellent course! If you are wondering how you can set boundaries with empathy and understanding without harming the relationship with your child, Tracy will show you the way.
    If you are having doubts whether you are too controlling or your child has taken over control, Tracy will shed light on what is happening and how you can change it.

    The material is so to the point, a parent will understand how the child’s mind works in order to set limits that will actually guide and help the child grow.

    I recommend it to all parents or caregivers. Also it is very helpful for all professionals that are working with parents.

    Thank you so much Tracy for sharing this with us

  7. Melanie Bartlett (verified owner)

    Incredible value!
    Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is “only” an email course, or that it’s lightweight.
    Each week, Tracy sends along in-depth modules that really help you understand the “why” behind your child’s behaviours and what you can (or sometimes can’t!) do about them.

    She covers so much over the span of 4 weeks, yet its still digistible and easy to understand. The homework is designed to really get you thinking and apply the concepts she’s covered to your own situation.

    And best of all are the office hour calls! Being able to ask super-specific questions was invaluable to me and Tracy is so easy to talk to.

    I recommend this course for every parent who wants to approach discipline in a respectful and healthy way.

  8. Anaia McNeil

    Tracy is a wealth of information and I feel secure in my trust of her as she is so well researched. She is also super compassionate and practical and this course has given me lots for my toolbox and deepened my understanding. HIGHLY recommend.

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