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“Relatable examples with guidance fleshed out inclear explanations, which form an easily navigable roadmap…Never feels clinical…Sage advice for frustrated parents.” — Kirkus Reviews. This guide offers parents a compassionate and practical approach to the inevitable struggles and hidden opportunities at the heart of the parent-middle school relationship. Filled with real-life examples, Darryl Sollerh and Leslie King, LCSW, examine the likely flashpoints for family conflicts, from their changing bodies to social media and social lives, from their schoolwork habits to their misrepresentations,from their demands for independence to their need for dependence. Based on their many years of experience working with Middle School parents and students, it was written to spark an empathetic awakening in both you and your child, not only as each of you meet the initially difficult phases of any challenge or crisis, but also as you move forward together with a new awareness – an awareness capable of supporting a relationship of shared dialogs, mutual respect and deepening understanding.

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