By Tracy G. Cassels

The third installment of Re:Birth focuses on home birth statistics and how they should be interpreted (something we need to be reminded of today as well; see Fighting for Homebirth), arguments for short hospital stays after giving birth, stay-at-home versus work-outside motherhood and the guilt associated with each, perineal care, reviews of a MANA conference and the speakers, a review of A Good Birth, A Safe Birth (a book), a get-to-know the writers of Re:Birth, the start of a regular column – Bouquets and Bedpans (should be self-explanatory), the use of herbs during and after pregnancy as an alternative to drugs, and updates on what’s happening in the birth scene around other areas of Ontario.

The article that stood out was the summary of research on homebirth, one of the first articles of the paper, but I’ve already written on that and sadly the articles seem a little too similar to have been written 25 years apart.  But a little aside – if you read this issue closely, I get a few mentions, including a brief synopsis of my birth!


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