• Unsure of the mainstream "expert" advice given to parents?  Want the scientific reasons why you can throw most of it out in favour of gentle and responsive parenting?  This ebook is for you.
  • Have you been told that letting your little one nurse to sleep is a “bad habit” you have to stop?  What about co-sleeping?  Rocking your baby?  Holding your baby while she sleeps?  These are all things families are told over and over again, yet these are all things that have a biological basis for an infant.  By focusing on why these practices exist biologically, I hope to help parents better understand their infant’s sleep and development and find ways to respect that when changes need to be made. This is now over, but will be available for download shortly.  If you purchase it before the download is ready, you will receive the link for the download once complete.
  • Video: Welcoming a Sibling (Download)

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    Expecting a new child and worried about how your current child (or children) will cope?  Although we have been led to believe that sibling jealousy is a normal part of the arrival of a new family member, it doesn't have to be that way.  This webinar focuses on how we can prepare ourselves ahead of time and handle any difficult times after the arrival of a sibling. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to the video of the webinar.  Please notify me if you do not receive this in your purchase confirmation email.