Giveaway and Review: Spark of Amber

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By Tracy G. Cassels

I know that amber teething necklaces are sworn by.  We, however, were very lucky that my daughter’s teething wasn’t a huge problem.  She nursed nonstop (but what else was new), but that was about it.  And while I consider myself hugely lucky, as she aged and I saw other children with these beautiful amber necklaces, I couldn’t help but think I should have done that too.  It was quickly pointed out she didn’t need it (as a truly vocal child, we are totally certain teething didn’t bother her more than needing a good boob now and again, or always), but I couldn’t help but think it was beautiful regardless.

Enter Spark of Amber.

As an advertiser on EP, they offered to do a giveaway (see below) for an amber teething necklace which I know parents swear by, but I also got to pick out something to review myself.  So I asked if I could get matching pendents for my daughter and I.  I wondered if they would be as beautiful being smaller than a full amber necklace, but I loved the idea of her and I having “matching” necklaces.

They arrived and I was utterly impressed at how beautiful they looked.  And the details too – the name on the little box being a wonderful little touch – as was how they were placed in each box.  But most of all, the pendents themselves were stunning.  I also appreciated the small size difference for me and my daughter.

small necklace 1

Notice the beautiful writing on the boxes. And the different shapes of the hearts to signify ‘mommy’ and ‘baby’.

She immediately wanted to see what was inside and when I explained that there was a necklace for mommy and one for her, she took a look and knew whose was whose, calling the larger one the “mommy heart” and the smaller one the “baby heart”.  Her immediate fascination and love of these pendents also provided me with another very important bit of information about the quality of items from Spark of Amber: They are durable.  Being (nearly) three, my daughter was running around with them and managed to drop them a couple times before I finally panicked enough to take them away from her until we got chains to go with them.  However, there was not a single mark on them (and they fell on floor, not carpet).   I can honestly tell you that the pictures here were taken after she dropped them on the floor.

In short, I could not have asked for anything more from Spark of Amber.  The quality of work is incredible with details that truly are appreciated (something I’m always thinking of if I ever plan on sending someone a gift from a company – you want to know it arrives looking nice), but most importantly, the items were just stunning and I now have these for my daughter and I for life.

small necklace 2

A close up of the two heart pendents without the boxes.

Luckily for you (if you live in the USA), Spark of Amber is doing a giveaway for one of their beautiful amber teething necklaces.  They are appropriate for babies AND toddlers, so you can still enter and win if your child is a bit older (and I’ll say the molars were the one time I wish I’d had something for my daughter – it was horrible).  Just enter below and a winner will be selected on June 24th, 2013!  Remember though that the contest is only open to individuals in the United States of America.

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