How Liberal Feminism and Patriarchy Work Together to Create the Detached Mother

The following is a talk I presented at the 2016 Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement Conference this past October in Toronto, ON on feminism, patriarchy, and mothering.

Guest Post: Breastmilk Donation After Stillbirth

March twenty-eighth... There is a friction inside me surrounding this date; a rubbing of grief and celebration, of sadness and joy, of sorrow and thankfulness. March twenty-eighth will always be his day.

Distress, Self-Soothing, and Extinction Sleep Training

The premise behind extinction sleep training is that infants (and toddlers) are being taught to "self-soothe"; however, this ignores key points of what self-soothing abilities can be expected from children and how distressed they are at the time of separation. Instead of focusing on these extinction methods, gentler methods that respect where the child is developmentally should be considered.

“Shut the Door and Walk Away”

I feel like sleep trainers are like a mythical monster where every time you cut off one head with science and reason, two more take their place that are even more dangerous than before. In the last few months alone, the media has highlighted this method of locking your child in a room for 12 hours a day under the guise of “helping” your child and a method of sleep training newborns by not feeding them at night.

Evolutionary Parenting: Where History and Science Meet Parenting

Here is a summary of what Evolutionary Parenting stands for. In short, it’s the idea that the way in which we as humans (and other mammals) have parented over hundreds of thousands of years (i.e., the way we’ve EVOLVED to parent) is intricately related to the well-being of our children.

Recovering and Moving on from Crying-It-Out

This is for those of you who have gone the cry-it-out route and now regret it. The two biggest questions I'm asked on the topic - have I done irreparable harm and can I fix it? - are discussed herein.

Lying to Our Children

There’s a new article that seems to be making the rounds, gathering shares and likes, entitled How to Tell a Great Lie as a Parent. I suppose the short version of this post is, "You Can't", but you can read more for details.

Bedsharing in Australia: Scare Mongering versus Reality

Many Australians woke this morning to scare mongering about bedsharing thanks to articles in their papers. Notably, claims that 25 babies died in the parent bed last year are leading to people declaring bedsharing should be illegal and even some people are being investigated for it (I kid you not).

Review: Sage Parenting by Rachel Rainbolt

Review of the book 'Sage Parenting' by Rachel Rainbolt.

The Breastfeeding Research Battle

Research is always held up to scrutiny, as it should be, but it seems these days that any research finding that shows an "advantage" to breastfed babies faces criticism large and loud, sometimes legitimate, but sometimes making one wonder what the agenda really is. If we look at the breastfeeding research, can we really say there's mass ineptness? Or is there something to it?