Distress, Self-Soothing, and Extinction Sleep Training

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Abstract:  Extinction methods of sleep training – namely cry-it-out and controlled crying – are assumed to work via teaching a child to “self-soothe”.  It is under this premise that many parents engage in the practice, believing they are “helping” their child.  Unfortunately extinction sleep training neither teaches self-soothing nor helps a child in the sense of social or … [Read more...]

Memes, the Mommy Wars, and Context

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I find the whole Mommy Wars thing to be kind of a joke, to be honest.  I find that most people are reading judgment and shame into things when they simply aren’t there.  For example, if I tell someone I won’t wear a nursing cover, somehow it’s suggestive that they are “bad” for wearing one.  If I write a piece on breastfeeding or co-sleeping or being against the promotion of … [Read more...]

“Shut the Door and Walk Away”

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Another baby expert in Australia is making headlines talking about his method of helping over 10,000 families over 30 years reach a full night’s sleep (or as it was reported).  That method?  Get your baby ready for bed, put them in their crib in their own room by 7pm, shut the door, then don’t open it until 7am.  Walk away and ignore the crying, even if the child is crying for … [Read more...]

Evolutionary Parenting: Where History and Science Meet Parenting

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Our society – heck, all societies – have their ideas about how to raise children.  I can go to a bookstore here in Vancouver and find hundreds of books on parenting.  From sleep to feeding to schedules to discipline to all-around philosophies based on someone’s observations of the world, you name it, it’s probably there.  The question I have to ask is: What good does it do us? … [Read more...]

Recovering and Moving on from Crying-It-Out


Crying-it-out and the modified controlled crying are sadly almost mainstays of modern parenting.  So much so that people who don’t use them are often thought to be weak or asking for trouble with their children.  Some doctors even tell their new mothers that they have to use these methods if they want to “help” their child learn to sleep.  With this, many family embark on the … [Read more...]

Lying to Our Children


There’s a new article that seems to be making the rounds, gathering shares and likes, entitled How to Tell a Great Lie as a Parent.  I can first tell you that although the article is about lying to your kids and somehow trying to make positives out of it, it is not in fact a “how-to” guide, which I suppose is good, though not much of an improvement over what it actually … [Read more...]

Bedsharing in Australia: Scare Mongering versus Reality

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By Tracy G. Cassels Many Australians woke this morning to scare mongering about bedsharing thanks to articles in their papers.  Claims that 25 babies died in the parental bed last year have led people to declare that bedsharing should be illegal.  Some people are being investigated for it as it is not seemingly okay to report it to Child Services (I kid you not).  It's hard to … [Read more...]

Review: Sage Parenting by Rachel Rainbolt


By Tracy G. Cassels I’ve been reading and reviewing a lot of books lately and I have been lucky to pretty much love them all.  Well, the newest, Sage Parenting by Rachel Rainbolt, is no exception.  Like all the books I find most helpful for parents who follow EP (and who I assume are looking for a bit of science and logic in their parenting reads), Sage Parenting is filled … [Read more...]

The Breastfeeding Research Battle

Source: Tracy Cassels

It seems that researchers looking at the "benefits" of breastfeeding (really the problems with formula) can’t catch a break these days.  In the past month, two prominent research studies have hit the news and yet detractors everywhere call “foul”.  For a long time, critics of the research showing favourable outcomes associated with breastfeeding (which really are normal … [Read more...]