Motherhood and Art: An Interview with Gioia Albano

Art can be transformative in society – we have known this for a long time – it’s just the matter of which art we choose to share. In this vein, I choose to share Gioia Albano and her depictions of motherhood as beautiful, loving, and natural.

Guest Post: The gentle African way to your baby sleeping through the night

Many of you know the very viral piece "Why African Babies Don't Cry: An African Perspective". Well, here I present a guest article by the same author, the very talented JC Niala, on sleeping from her very unique, personal history as an African-British woman. I am so thrilled she has decided to share this with us and hope you enjoy it!

Press Release Re: Carpenter et al. Bedsharing Study

We were luckily able to view a copy of the article in advance and the group of researchers I have worked with on other posts and I wrote a response. This is it. It has been shared as a press release generally and given specifically to the BBC (the study is a UK one). We shall see how the media responds in the days to come, but it's nice to know that at least we're not one step behind this time!

Attachment versus Attachment Parenting

I’ve had this piece on my mind for quite some time to cover, but it seems the craziness that has erupted over the past week has been my impetus to actually talk about attachment theory versus ‘Attachment Parenting’.

Is Bedsharing For You?

Bedsharing is a wonderful thing when it works for a family, but it doesn't work for all families. Here is a brief review of some questions to ask yourself if you're considering bedsharing to find out if it's right for you or not.

Simple Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

Helping an infant return to sleep easily, then, is an essential gift to give our infants—as well as an important goal for parents who need to rest. The science of nighttime care provides a good foundation for parents trying to calm their babies. It clarifies what is important to know about calming babies and why certain types of calming are most likely to be helpful.

Five Questions with Dr. Helen Ball

I am pleased to share five questions with Dr. Helen L. Ball, professor of anthropology at Durham University. Her work specializes in infant sleep practices, with a side focus on breastfeeding. Here she shares her thoughts on various aspects of parenting, research, and policy.

Educating the Experts – Lesson Five: Schedules

Knowing how your day will generally go is harmless. But when parents start trying to dictate their days down to the hours, regardless of whether this was “guided by baby” or set up by someone else, we start to see problems, and it should be no surprise – babies aren’t meetings or appointments, they’re people.

A Comment on Anti-Bedsharing Campaigns

I feel like it’s time to not just point out what many of us having pointed out over and over – namely that education is key – but to truly examine why these places are feeling the need to take this route and what’s wrong with their approach (beyond the obvious).

Guest Post: How Did I Get Here?

I am an AP Parent. And I got here by conscious choices, and now it defines my soul. I devote my studies to it, I teach it, I live it, I breathe it.