The Importance of Partner Support

Source: "Murphy Brown"

Note: This piece was originally posted back in 2011 but I have updated it and edited it to repost now because I feel it's just as important now as it was then but needed a little updating! If you’re old enough to remember the 80s and early 90s, you’ll probably remember the hoopla over single mothers and how awful they were.  It seemed to come to a head with Murphy Brown, a … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Baby Wearing

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By Tracy G. Cassels One of the simplest yet most effective aspects of Evolutionary Parenting is baby wearing.  I’m also pleased to say it’s one of the ones making a rather large comeback after years of a stroller monopoly.  These days you walk down the street and see many parents – moms and dads – carrying their babies in bjorn’s, ergo’s, wraps, etc., something that was rarely … [Read more...]

Co-Sleeping: Making Travel Easier

co-sleeping while travelling

  Before I had my own daughter, I remember hearing friends with kids complain about how their babies reacted to traveling – they were extra fussy, especially at night-time.  This isn’t surprising at all, as many babies don’t like the night at the best of times, but throw in a foreign environment and a new bed (rarely can people bring their own cribs) and it must be … [Read more...]

Taking the Newborn out of Newborn Toys

Children Playing

  It used to be that baby toys were things like rattles and blocks that they could actually use to have fun with.  Of course, this meant that babies really didn’t have toys at first because the motion of grasping a rattle or holding a block was well beyond them for the first few months of life.  And that was fine – babies did baby things, like sleep, eat, poop, and … [Read more...]



Parenting.  You hear people say that it’s the most important thing you can do with your life, that nothing else compares with the highs and the lows associated with it.  It is arguably the most central act that a species has as it allows for the perpetuation of the species – without parents, offspring die and the species die out too.  So one would think that because of this … [Read more...]