Does New Research Really Say Punishment Is Helpful?

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The other day I opened up my beloved Science Daily to find the following headline: “Punishing a Child is Effective if Done Correctly”.  After I managed to regulate my blood pressure, I went on to read the article for I had to know exactly what was going on.  All the research I have read in recent years doesn’t support this view at all – from time outs to spankings, the evidence … [Read more...]

When Anger Isn’t Really Anger: The Relationship Between Fear and Anger

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This other weekend my daughter learned to ride a two-wheeler bike (no training wheels).  My husband and I weren’t too sure what to expect as she had been using the push bike and had decent balance, but she just turned five and we remember being older.  However, by and large, the experience was great.  She had it down in thirty minutes so long as my husband started her off.  … [Read more...]

Does Formal Education Make You Smarter?


Does formal education make you smarter?  It’s a question that many people actually assume an answer to, namely that of course it does!  It’s why we have schools and formal education, right?  It’s why we go on to get various degrees, right?  Eh… Not so fast.  Although people have often assumed that the more you formally educate yourself, the smarter you become, not everyone has … [Read more...]

Guest Post: The “Secret Sauce” for Peaceful Communities

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By James Davis When I tell other camp directors that my camp leadership didn’t have a single discussion about sending kids home for disciplinary reasons last summer, many immediately make a number of assumptions.  “We have a lot of kids from the city, so that’d never happen at our camp,” they’ll say, not realizing that we, too, bring a huge percentage of our kids to camp on … [Read more...]

Being a “Good Samaritan”: Kids in Cars

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Lately there has been a lot of discussion about children in cars.  Women are being arrested and charged with remarkable crimes like picking up toilet paper while leaving a sleeping child in the car just outside for periods of 3-5 minutes.  People online admit they would immediately call 911 if they saw a child in the car, regardless of circumstance. Folks, what happened to … [Read more...]

“I’m an overly-educated stay-at-home mom”


Last week I was at a party with my daughter for a friend’s daughter.  We were classmates together in graduate school, obtaining our M.A.s in Clinical Psychology together and while I switched over to the Developmental program for my Ph.D., she stayed in Clinical for a couple years before leaving the program when she had her first child. Her choice wasn’t that she truly wanted … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Teaching Young Kids about Money

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Welcoming a baby into your family is a wonderful and life changing experience, but along with this new bundle of joy comes a new bundle of responsibilities. A new set of worries. A new financial situation. As parents, you are forced to make decisions, not only about how to spend and save your money, but also how to talk to your kids about money. As children grow from infants to … [Read more...]

Who is Raising The Kids? (And Why We Should Care)


The issue of daycare is a tricky one.  Many parents feel judged when people start talking about the amount of time our children are spending being cared for by others and even more so when the discussion turns to the quality of daycare experienced by far too many children.  Furthermore, many parents are adamant that their children’s daycare providers are not considered shared … [Read more...]

Setting Boundaries


The discussion of boundaries is an inevitable one amongst parents.  We know that we have to set boundaries for our children as it keeps them healthy, happy, and safe.  Despite all this, many people get very confused about where we ought to set boundaries.  Those of us who practice “gentle” parenting are often accused of being too permissive; I myself have been told my daughter … [Read more...]

Recovering and Moving on from Crying-It-Out


Crying-it-out and the modified controlled crying are sadly almost mainstays of modern parenting.  So much so that people who don’t use them are often thought to be weak or asking for trouble with their children.  Some doctors even tell their new mothers that they have to use these methods if they want to “help” their child learn to sleep.  With this, many family embark on the … [Read more...]