Bright Lights Before Bed = No Sleep?

New research highlights the effects of light on melatonin levels in preschool children. What does this tell us about our evening habits for all kids?

How Liberal Feminism and Patriarchy Work Together to Create the Detached Mother

The following is a talk I presented at the 2016 Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement Conference this past October in Toronto, ON on feminism, patriarchy, and mothering.

How Having A New Baby Has Made Me So Very Angry

Having my baby boy has led to an exponential growth in love in our family, but it has also made me very angry. Not at him or anyone close to us, but at our society that continues to devalue family and children.

Daycare and Cortisol Levels: What Does This Tell Us?

New research looks at cortisol patterns in infants, toddlers, and children as they adapt to new daycare situations. The findings aren't encouraging, but should be considered in the larger framework of research on child care.

Does New Research Really Say Punishment Is Helpful?

Recent research claims that punishment is effective, but is that what was really being said? Should parents jump on the time-out bandwagon or is a deeper look needed?

When Anger Isn’t Really Anger: The Relationship Between Fear and Anger

Sometimes our children's anger can seem irrational or out-of-place given the circumstances and in turn we react defensively and with anger ourselves. What if we could see the anger as really fear-based and respond in kind?

Does Formal Education Make You Smarter?

There's an innate assumption in our society that formal education makes us smarter. Some recent research raises questions about this assumption and thus raises questions about what education should look like.

Guest Post: The “Secret Sauce” for Peaceful Communities

We let kids stay up late, hang out with whomever they want, and do whatever they want, as long as they aren’t harming themselves or others. So why don’t they “push the limits,” and harm one another? I’ll explain.

Being a “Good Samaritan”: Kids in Cars

Parents are being arrested for running into the store for 5 minutes and deciding to leave their child in the car. Is this really the society we've become? Instead of looking out for the child, we call 911 and have the parent arrested?

“I’m an overly-educated stay-at-home mom”

I was disheartened because her statement about being “overly-educated” implies that somehow being educated and being a stay-at-home parent is incompatible. I don’t know how much she herself feels that, but I know it’s a common view in our society.