Recovering and Moving on from Crying-It-Out


Crying-it-out and the modified controlled crying are sadly almost mainstays of modern parenting.  So much so that people who don’t use them are often thought to be weak or asking for trouble with their children.  Some doctors even tell their new mothers that they have to use these methods if they want to “help” their child learn to sleep.  With this, many family embark on the … [Read more...]

Lying to Our Children


There’s a new article that seems to be making the rounds, gathering shares and likes, entitled How to Tell a Great Lie as a Parent.  I can first tell you that although the article is about lying to your kids and somehow trying to make positives out of it, it is not in fact a “how-to” guide, which I suppose is good, though not much of an improvement over what it actually … [Read more...]

An Open Letter on Support


To the parent who is asking that we just support one another, no matter what each of us has chosen on our parenting path… I first have to tell you that I hear you.   I hear you on the confusion over different pieces of conflicting advice.  I hear you on how difficult it is to face family and friends telling you that you “must” sleep train or wean or supplement.  I hear you … [Read more...]

Around the Web This Week: Media Literacy

In The News

Media literacy is something all kids need to be aware of.  Sadly it’s something that bombards them daily – even if you don’t have a TV – and they need to be equipped to handle it.  Here are some pieces talking about media literacy, it’s utility, how to implement it, and more. Avoiding Advertising for Kids The influence of advertising on our children is something many … [Read more...]

Praise and Parenting

praise image

By Tracy G. Cassels For most parents in Western society today, they can’t imagine not telling their child that they are “smart”, “beautiful”, “a great runner/pianist/swimmer/whatever”; in short, they can’t imagine not praising the abilities their children show.  If you suggest to parents not to do this, they worry their child will grow up feeling unloved and feeling the … [Read more...]

Five Videos All Parents Should See

Tracy Maddy

There have been some pretty amazing videos floating around these days and as I shared them on FB, everyone commented that everyone should be seeing them.  I thought it made sense to put them together in one spot so people can go back to them as needed. Actions Speak Loudest.  This is a banned ad from Australia and is beyond powerful and should be seen by everyone who is a … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Resources To Protect Your Child’s Online Safety

computer cartoon

By Elizabeth Phillips Our generation of teens and kids today have been merged to living their lives online, and because the online community is vast and faceless, many of them will often expose details about their state of mind to complete strangers online. In doing so, they leave traces online for identity thieves, internet predators, and cyberbullies that could later on be … [Read more...]

Supporting Moms: Tell Me What I Want To Hear?


By Tracy G. Cassels Lately I’ve been forced to handle many comments all relating to the same theme of, “Shouldn’t we all be supporting each other no matter what we choose?”  It’s a beautiful sentiment that parents can pull out whenever they hear of people dissenting against a particular point of view.  Actually, it’s often shared against a page or group of people who speak … [Read more...]

Logical Consequences: A Quick Guide


By Tracy G. Cassels When I wrote about the benefits of adding logical consequences to our toolkit with our daughter, I was met with some resistance from people.  Most of the resistance centered on the fact that people view logical consequences as punishment and children don’t learn from punishment.  I disagree and I thought I’d share a bit more on how to implement a logical … [Read more...]

Do Parents Matter?

tug of war

By Tracy G. Cassels It’s been 14 years since The Nurture Assumption hit bookstores and in that time we’ve seen a steady decline of parents’ beliefs in their own efficacy and influence over their children’s outcomes and behaviours.  In this book, Judith Harris (the author) argued that peers are far more important and that parents actually have no long-term impact on their … [Read more...]