Birth Story: Jenny and Evy

A huge thank you to Jenny for sharing her birth story - an unplanned home birth - with us!

How Having A New Baby Has Made Me So Very Angry

Having my baby boy has led to an exponential growth in love in our family, but it has also made me very angry. Not at him or anyone close to us, but at our society that continues to devalue family and children.

Review of ‘New Mother’ and Interview with author Allie Chee

Review of Allie Chee's book "New Mother" and an interview with the author talking about postpartum support, birth, and community.

Birth Story: Kristin from One Organic Mama

VBACs. As much as we talk about them, it can seem that no one you know has successfully had one and so far too many questions are left unanswered. Well, here you are. Kristin from One Organic Mama has shared her VBAC story with us for anyone who wants to know more!

Birth Story: Sam from the UK

Another amazing birth story, this time from our Doula friend Sam from Blooming Miracle Doula Services.

Birth Story\: Jennifer from the USA

I'm thrilled to share more birth stories, starting with this beautiful story from Jennifer in the USA about the birth of her little boy Braeden!

Guest Post: A Letter Regarding Birth and Breastfeeding

The following is an email sent to Professor Elizabeth Armstrong of Princeton University after she wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times on the use of formula in hospitals. I believe they both make wonderful points and hope more people consider all the factors that can help women and babies have the best start in life.

Re:Birth Volume 6

“We’re not as skilled in vaginal deliveries as before, and patients won’t put up with damage.” - One doctor on why c-section rates were rising in 1985

Birth Story: Elle from Omaha

Warning: You may be jealous of this birth story!

My Birthing Story

The story of the birth of my daughter and the lessons I was able to take home from the entire experience.