Can Epidurals End Post-Partum Depression?

A new study suggests that epidurals can drastically reduce the risk of PPD. The study is flawed, but does manage to show that PPD is highly complex with multiple etiologies.

“All that matters is that your child is healthy and happy”

Ever tell someone you were dissatisfied with your birth experience? That it left you feeling lost, unhappy, frustrated, or something worse? And then been told that you were selfish because you had a healthy child and all that should ever matter is that your child is healthy and happy, no matter how he or she came into the world?

Re:Birth Volume 5

I want to highlight the primary article in this current volume though as it is the summary of a case in Ontario that paved the way for the legalization and licensing of midwifery in Ontario.

My Birthing Story

The story of the birth of my daughter and the lessons I was able to take home from the entire experience.

To Drug or Not to Drug? The Epidural Debate

My view in a nutshell: The development of the epidural was a great scientific discovery that has the power to help women who NEED it in labor. It has its place in the world of childbearing, but it has also been VASTLY overused and many of those who opt for it have no idea what it is that they’re choosing to do.