It’s Not “Just Feed Your Baby”: Why Breastfeeding Discourse Matters

Source: World Breastfeeding Week 2014

World Breastfeeding Week has ended and it’s dredged up a lot of emotions for a lot of people, not all positive.  Under the surface bubbles the anger from those who wonder, “Why can’t it be ‘just feed your baby’?”  In short: Why do we need this discussion about breastfeeding at all?  Why do we need to discuss the science, the merits, the health factors, and all those things that … [Read more...]

It’s Not About You


Story #1 I so wanted a home birth.  To be honest, I never fathomed I’d set foot in a hospital.  My mother had birthed all three of us kids at home, on the third floor of what would be my family home for nearly 30 years, with a midwife.  This was just how birth was done in my mind.  I hate hospitals (always have), I hated the stories I’d heard from too many people about … [Read more...]

Homebirth: A “Narcissistic” Choice?


By Tracy G. Cassels I came across this interesting discussion on Facebook the other day (be warned, it’s long so make sure you have time to read it all if interested, which I believe many of you will be).  What struck me most about it was the idea that, for some, to birth at home is a “narcissistic” choice.  (I take issue with the term itself as I don’t believe the choice is … [Read more...]

Why Ending the “Mommy Wars” is Misguided and Dangerous


Ending the mommy wars has become quite the news item and one that everyone seems to get on board with. I mean, how can you not?  Doesn’t it sound so lovely to say that we have to support each other as moms no matter what we do?  After all, they’re just choices and isn’t each choice as valid and wonderful as the rest?  If we all just accepted this, the world would be… well, what … [Read more...]

The Breastfeeding Research Battle

Source: Tracy Cassels

By Tracy G. Cassels It seems that researchers looking at the "benefits" of breastfeeding (really the problems with formula) can’t catch a break these days.  In the past month, two prominent research studies have hit the news and yet detractors everywhere call “foul”.  For a long time, critics of the research showing favourable outcomes associated with breastfeeding (which … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Living with a Reflux Baby

reflux 4

By Jennifer Harrell When the average person thinks about infant reflux, or GERD, they often equate it to spit-up – not a big deal, something “all babies do”. Speaking as the parent of a child with severe reflux, I can say that it really is a big deal. It is an emotionally draining misadventure full of heartache, stress and frustration.  As my husband and I say, our entry into … [Read more...]

Thirty Billion Dollars and Counting

Source: Unknown

Luckily very few people (outside those who work with formula companies) argue the devastating effects of a lack of breastfeeding in developing nations where preventable diseases run rampant and we’re losing approximately 830,000 children a year who should still be alive[1].  Child mortality runs rampant and families spend precious money on formula when they could be saving … [Read more...]

Formula Helps Breastfeeding?

Source: Unknown

If you’ve looked at almost any news source recently, you’ve probably seen the headlines proclaiming that formula actually helps moms breastfeed.  And if you’re like me or many others, you probably said, “What the…?” and started looking for more.  I’m not going to talk about what the media outlets report, but rather what the actual research suggests, as that’s what we ought to … [Read more...]

I’m Sorry, We Failed

im sorry image

By Tracy G. Cassels I’m sorry. To the mother who felt like a bystander during the birth of her child, I’m sorry.  We failed to make sure you knew that this was your birth, not theirs, and that no one should force you into procedures you don’t want. To the parents who placed their newborn in a room apart from theirs because they believed it’s what they had to do, I’m … [Read more...]

Attachment versus Attachment Parenting

Evolutionary Parenting

I’ve had this piece on my mind for quite some time to cover, but it seems the craziness that has erupted over the past week has been my impetus to actually talk about attachment theory versus ‘Attachment Parenting’.  I know others have written on this before, but I’m going to throw my hat in the ring for those who haven’t read on the distinction and hope to clarify a few … [Read more...]