Review: Milk Matters by Maureen Minchin

There are few times when a book comes out that should fundamentally change the popular discourse on a topic, but hasn’t (yet). Milk Matters by Maureen Minchin is one such book.

Guest Post: Going Against the Tide of Mainstream Parenting

Going against the mainstream can be very hard, as mom and clinical counselor Fiona Griffin shares in her story of how she learned to find her own peaceful path in parenting.

I Am A Lactivist

I am a lactivist. It's not because I think women should be forced to breastfeed. It's because I think women ought to have choice and support.

“Overselling Breast-Feeding” Misses the Mark

Are we "overselling" breastfeeding? Are advocates trying to force women to breastfeed? Or are we looking for changes to a system that have only ever provided the illusion of choice?

Breastfeeding and IQ: No, Breast Milk Is Not a Magical Elixir (But It’s Still Amazing!)

New headlines suggest that there is no link between breastfeeding and IQ, but a closer look at the research suggests this isn't what can be said. It seems we're no further along in answering this question than before.

Chemicals Found in Breast Milk: Is It Enough to Negate the “Benefits”?

More backlash against breastfeeding hits the news with a study looking at contaminants in breast milk. Should we really reconsider promoting breastfeeding? Could formula be superior?

New Research Supports Including Evolutionary Breastfeeding in Health Comparisons

Two new pieces of research support the idea that we need to be including evolutionary breastfeeding when looking at feeding outcomes. Without that, we fail to get the whole picture.

Understanding the Important Relationship Between Sleep and Feeding Method

Two new pieces of research highlight the intricate relationship between feeding method and sleep in infants, notably how parents perceive their child's sleep. Importantly, there are implications for the idea of building "bad habits" and sleep training.