Chemicals Found in Breast Milk: Is It Enough to Negate the “Benefits”?


As seems to always be the case, when a new article comes out suggesting breastfeeding “isn’t all that”, the media pounces on it.  Tons of articles crop up reminding us that the “benefits” of breastfeeding either aren’t all that great or that we’re ignoring real risks about breastfeeding.  Well, another new article has done just that and grabbed headlines in most news outlets, … [Read more...]

CHHRP Responds to CDC Circumcision Report

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Recently the CDC released a report claiming that the health benefits of male infant circumcision outweighed the risks of the procedure.  Interestingly, the tone focused on getting insurance to cover the procedure (there's a strong positive correlation between rates of infant male circumcision and it being covered by insurance), suggestive of a financially-motivated review.  As … [Read more...]

Dear Dr. Christian

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Dear Dr. Christian, I don’t know who you are. I don’t live in the UK and I don’t read Closer, but I have had the misfortune of being exposed to comments you made about breastfeeding in a recent issue.  In five sentences you managed to expose yourself as not only ignorant about the medical research on breastfeeding, but a liar as well as you pulled information out of thin air … [Read more...]

Is Breastfeeding Advocacy Hurting Women?


There was a recent article in the Guardian (UK) suggesting that the research on breastfeeding versus formula isn’t all that strong and that really formula is just as good.  I’m sure many formula feeding parents were thrilled to read such a thing and have wished to see such an article for a while.  But I would caution them to be very, very careful of what you wish for.  The … [Read more...]

So You’re Going To Bottle Feed…

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This piece first published in The Natural Parent Magazine, Issue 9, 2012 Note: If you see a formula advert on here, please comment and let me know the full brand.  I have blocked formula companies but they now have categorized their products not only under the baby food category but the more general "food" category meaning I need to block them one by one.  I do NOT endorse any … [Read more...]

Why the Vaccine Industry needs a new PR Strategy

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Perhaps I’m simply becoming more aware of the growing divide between those who are pro-vax and those who are anti-vax, but lately the debates have fueled strong, both on EP and elsewhere.  With the number of children not being immunized, people on both sides are jumping into the discussion full force.  For those who are not getting their children immunized, they often speak of … [Read more...]

Download: Letter to US Representatives RE Maternity Leave

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One of our Evolutionary Parents, Kristy Hughes, decided it was time to write her representative about the dismal state of maternity leave coverage in both her state and country (the USA).  We posted a draft earlier and got some great feedback.  After a long wait (sorry!), I have the final version ready for download.  I am posting the full text here for you to read.  You will … [Read more...]

A Not-So-Blind Review of the Recent CIO Research

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I have also written a formal reply which has been published as a response on Pediatrics' site which you can access and read (free) by clicking here. When articles get published, they go through what’s called the peer-review process.  During this process, two or three individuals, hopefully in your field and hopefully aware of the topic at hand (though I can tell you … [Read more...]

Three Surprising Things Science Doesn’t Actually Know


Oftentimes you’ll hear people citing scientific articles to back up a parenting decision – and this falls on both sides of almost any parenting practice.  Depending on how the data is presented and interpreted, you can generally find scientific articles out there to support your point of view.  It’s why a critical reading of the literature (and any given study) is so very … [Read more...]

Science and C-Sections: What Do We Know?

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I recently posted on the rise of maternal mortality rates over the past two decades in both Canada and the USA (and to a slight degree, the UK as well), countries known for their ever-increasing rates of interventions, and specifically, c-sections.  The problem is that the c-section has been seen as an equal alternative (or sometimes even better alternative) to vaginal birth … [Read more...]