Review: Self Care for New Mums by Kirstie Stockx

My review of Kirstie Stockx's new book 'Self-Care for New Mums'.

Chemicals Found in Breast Milk: Is It Enough to Negate the “Benefits”?

More backlash against breastfeeding hits the news with a study looking at contaminants in breast milk. Should we really reconsider promoting breastfeeding? Could formula be superior?

CHHRP Responds to CDC Circumcision Report

The Children's Health and Human Rights Partnership responds to the CDC's report on routine infant male circumcision. Read here for the response.

Dear Dr. Christian

One Dr. Christian of Closer Magazine claims not only no benefits to breastfeeding beyond six months, but that full-term breastfeeding can cause harm. I beg to differ.

Is Breastfeeding Advocacy Hurting Women?

Despite one US researcher on gender studies claiming so, I'm going to say she's really part of the problem with her arguments.

So You’re Going To Bottle Feed…

Bottle-feeding has become a huge part of Western society, but this method of feeding is not what infants biologically expect. However, there are ways to try and mimic the breastfeeding relationship that mothers can use and that's what is focused on herein.

Why the Vaccine Industry needs a new PR Strategy

My take on the all-too-common statements that research into vaccines isn't necessary and that the request for it is "stupid".

A Not-So-Blind Review of the Recent CIO Research

Recently, an article by Anna Price and colleagues has been covered in the media as it supposedly touts that there are no long-term effects of infant sleep interventions. I got my hand on the article (which is still in early release through Pediatrics) and decided to write my own peer review.

Science and C-Sections: What Do We Know?

The problem is that the c-section has been seen as an equal alternative (or sometimes even better alternative) to vaginal birth for people with no medical reason to have a c-section. But there are repercussions to this for both the mother and child and it’s my hope to explore those herein.

Breastfeeding Beyond A Year: Is There A Point?

This post was inspired by a question from Sally who directed me to the article below debunking the many “benefits” touted in blogs and sites about breastfeeding beyond a year.