It’s Not About You


Story #1 I so wanted a home birth.  To be honest, I never fathomed I’d set foot in a hospital.  My mother had birthed all three of us kids at home, on the third floor of what would be my family home for nearly 30 years, with a midwife.  This was just how birth was done in my mind.  I hate hospitals (always have), I hated the stories I’d heard from too many people about … [Read more...]

Fighting For Homebirth (Again)


By Tracy G. Cassels Thanks to someone on EP, I became aware of a new article being touted by anti-homebirth activists as being proof that homebirth is inherently dangerous.  The article, prepared by the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health[1], provides a systematic review and meta-analysis of home versus hospital births attended by midwives (you can find the … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Amie from Kansas


I was in labor for three days (Thursday around noon until Sunday around noon) from the time I started having regular contractions about half an hour apart to the time our son was born. My contractions were 10-15 minutes apart for all but the first few hours. I had back labor. A regular dose of Tylenol helped take a little of the back pain away. (I almost never take any sort of … [Read more...]

Something to Prove

birth of cupid

The other week I was watching Ellen and a very pregnant Kristin Bell was on.  I should say now that I quite like Kristin Bell from what I can tell.  She seems nice, funny, and pretty down-to-earth for Hollywood standards.  During the interview, Ellen asked her if she was planning to have a natural birth.  Ms. Bell responded with a huge shake of the head and “I’ve got nothing to … [Read more...]

Unassisted Birth: Is This How We Were Meant to Birth?

birth of cupid

Moving away from the hospitalized, medicated, intervention births that have come to define birth in our society and culture can mean a lot of things.  For some, it’s simply birthing naturally in a hospital with doctors and nurses around.  For others, it’s having a midwife and birthing in the comfort of one’s own home.  For yet another, it would be having a midwife in a birthing … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A Letter Regarding Birth and Breastfeeding

Source: Tracy Cassels

The following is an email sent to Professor Elizabeth Armstrong of Princeton University after she wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times on the use of formula in hospitals.  I believe they both make wonderful points and hope more people consider all the factors that can help women and babies have the best start in life Dear Prof. Armstrong, I just finished reading your … [Read more...]

Dad’s Corner: Unexpected Birth

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By Bobb Allen As many are aware, and many can contest to, child birth is an amazing part of life; that until you go through it yourself no one can tell you what it is going to be like, how it feels, or what to expect. Sure they can give you some insight on the ordeal at hand and give you the tools to help you along the way, but no two birth stories will ever be the same and … [Read more...]

The Breastfeeding Instinct

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By Tracy G. Cassels One of the things you hear regularly when women talk of the difficulties of breastfeeding is that it’s “not instinctual”, that we aren’t born knowing how to breastfeed a baby and it doesn’t come naturally with birth.  The problem with this argument is that if breastfeeding were not instinctual at all, none of us would be here.  The very first humans and … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Emily from Ohio


On October 1, 2010 I was 12 weeks pregnant and went to the doctor for my first appointment where, instead of plans for ultrasounds and follow up appointments, I found out that I had had a missed miscarriage.  Needless to say I was devastated.  Around Christmas time, a friend who had experienced a miscarriage and was again pregnant told me that life can change so much in just … [Read more...]

How I Became an Evolutionary Parent

Evolutionary Parenting

I have to admit something – I didn’t go into my pregnancy thinking this is how I would parent.  In fact, I didn’t go into my pregnancy thinking much at all about how I would actually parent.  I did, however, go into it with a strong sense of how messed up the whole birthing process had become in Western society and so early on in my pregnancy I focused on that.  I read books, … [Read more...]