Bedsharing Beyond Infancy: The Question of Independence

Bedsharing beyond infancy is something that is often looked down upon in our society, with fears of dependent, clingy children being the focus. But what do science, history, and other cultures tell us? Is this fear grounded or simply just that - fear?

Creating “Bad” Habits?

Used to being told you're creating "bad habits" by doing things like nurse your child to sleep or respond to their cries? If so, this post is for you - I won't tell you to change these behaviours, but rather to look at them as they are: biologically normal.

Evolutionary Parenting: Where History and Science Meet Parenting

Here is a summary of what Evolutionary Parenting stands for. In short, it’s the idea that the way in which we as humans (and other mammals) have parented over hundreds of thousands of years (i.e., the way we’ve EVOLVED to parent) is intricately related to the well-being of our children.

Dear Dr. Christian

One Dr. Christian of Closer Magazine claims not only no benefits to breastfeeding beyond six months, but that full-term breastfeeding can cause harm. I beg to differ.

Six Ways to Allow Your Child to Become a Responsible Adult

Too many articles lately focusing on how we aren't harsh enough with our kids and that's why we have problem with today's generation. Here's my opinion on what's wrong with today via six things we should let our kids do if we want them to be responsible adults.

Review: Parenting Without Borders

Well, I no longer have to write a book about parenting around the world. It's been done and it's fantastic. If you read one book on parenting this year, make it this one.

Guest Post: The gentle African way to your baby sleeping through the night

Many of you know the very viral piece "Why African Babies Don't Cry: An African Perspective". Well, here I present a guest article by the same author, the very talented JC Niala, on sleeping from her very unique, personal history as an African-British woman. I am so thrilled she has decided to share this with us and hope you enjoy it!

Playing at the Park

Play. It used to be about kids playing with each other, but that seems to be disappearing in favour of parent-child play. This is the first of a few planned posts coming up in the near future on play and focuses on my own realizations that it's something we actually need to work no in our society.

Why Blaming Attachment Parenting for Your Failures is Wrong

I finally realized that we need to address the elephant in the room. And that elephant is that Attachment Parenting all too often is being treated as list of things that parents MUST do.

Your Child Will Never…

I have been told by many about all the things my daughter will supposedly never do. From family, friends, and complete strangers. Everyone has an opinion and rarely is it positive.