Can Epidurals End Post-Partum Depression?

Source: Library of Congress

A new study coming out in the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia[1] in August claims that having an epidural during childbirth can cut both the pain of childbirth and postpartum depression.  Obviously epidurals can reduce pain (if they work for you; there are a small subset of women who may experience more pain or other problems), but the idea that they reduce postpartum … [Read more...]

Birth Story: My CBAC & the Practice of Acceptance

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By Sheetal Daswani Seeing the phrase “MY CBAC” in print can occasionally have the power to be painfully debilitating. I so strongly yearned for a VBAC. Yet, when I search deeply into my own psyche, I am confronted with the fact that I got everything I wanted for my baby out of my CBAC. I did not get everything I wanted for me, but I got everything I wanted for my baby. It is … [Read more...]

Should You Induce Labour?


The question of inductions can be a heated one at times, with proponents of natural birth shunning the idea of artificially inducing something that should happen naturally.  We hear comments like, “The baby knows when to come out” and therefore we are wrong to intervene. But this ignores that women have tried many methods over the years to bring on labour - from red raspberry … [Read more...]

Failure to Progress: A Discussion on Averages

The Normal Distribution

By Tracy G. Cassels "Failure to progress" - a term far too many women have heard during their birthing experience.  What does it mean?  It means your body isn't dilating or getting your baby out based on a predetermined schedule.  What is this schedule?  It's Friedman's Curve, and it looks like this: A depiction of Friedman’s curve, based on data from Friedman, E. A. … [Read more...]

Inductions and Autism


An ahead-of-press article in JAMA Pediatrics[1] made headlines recently when it reported findings suggesting that the use of inductions and augmentations in labour were associated with an increased risk of autism (but not an autism spectrum disorder; i.e., the focus was on primary autism).   It’s a fascinating study and probably raises more questions than it answers, but in a … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day


Babe, Thank you.  I could honestly write "for everything" but I don't know how well that would go over as this is just about father's day.  So let me count the ways I love you as the father of our dear Maddy, as I love you in many other ways as well ;) I love you for... Doing things differently the second time around.  It takes a very strong person to not cling to how … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Amie from Kansas


I was in labor for three days (Thursday around noon until Sunday around noon) from the time I started having regular contractions about half an hour apart to the time our son was born. My contractions were 10-15 minutes apart for all but the first few hours. I had back labor. A regular dose of Tylenol helped take a little of the back pain away. (I almost never take any sort of … [Read more...]

Birth Story – Alex from Adelaide, AU

Alex birth

Alexandra writes over at 'Alive and Blogging: The life of a modern day cave-mama'. She is mother to nearly 2 year old Evangeline, and step-mother to 5 year old Grace. She writes about her journey towards living a more conscious, natural and back-to-basics lifestyle, including everything from her parenting choices to what her family eats to how her family lives. I have always … [Read more...]

Science and C-Sections: What Do We Know?

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I recently posted on the rise of maternal mortality rates over the past two decades in both Canada and the USA (and to a slight degree, the UK as well), countries known for their ever-increasing rates of interventions, and specifically, c-sections.  The problem is that the c-section has been seen as an equal alternative (or sometimes even better alternative) to vaginal birth … [Read more...]

And Here I Thought We Cared About Moms


By Tracy G. Cassels We’re at a crossroads here in North America when it comes to family in many ways.  The recent TIME article on Attachment Parenting seemed to add fuel to a fire already burning amongst parents, doctors, and “experts” alike about the “best” way to raise your children.  This fight, however, is nothing compared to the one that has been fought for years about … [Read more...]