Deserving Love


My daughter is currently going through the difficult stage of accepting losing in games (which didn’t used to be such a problem).  I’m sure we all know the one because I actually have yet to meet a child that doesn’t experience it to some degree.  The other day she experienced a loss in Candyland coupled with being hungry.  Needless to say, a full-on meltdown ensued.  She went … [Read more...]

Two Years Later

Tracy and Brian's Wedding

Two years ago my life was irrevocably altered.  I stepped off a plane in Toronto ready for a week of celebration for my daughter’s second birthday and my mother’s sixty-first.  I stepped into my dad’s house and was taken aside and told my mother was found dead that morning from a stroke.  Nothing has been the same.  My heart keeps beating, I keep going, but for two years I have … [Read more...]

Video: The Power of Oxytocin

cat ducklings

In a culture where overmedication and intervention take place during the birthing process, we may not realize how much we actually miss out on with respect to the powerful effects of birth and birth hormones.  Oxytocin, the hormone that causes us to want to care for, cuddle, keep close, and love our newborn (in short, it's responsible for the parenting behaviours we hope to … [Read more...]

Bedsharing Siblings: Part 4

image (2)

Welcome to Part Four of Bedsharing Siblings (you can see Part One here, Part Two here, and Part Three here).  Before we begin, I share the same caveat that all of these families bedshare safely and that although some pictures may seem unsafe, they are with parents standing by and watching over at this moment :) … [Read more...]

Was It Always So Easy?


The other week I shared the following story on EP’s facebook page: Last night my daughter asked to watch The Aristocats after we went to the library to take it out.  Of course I said yes, but reminded her that afterwards it would be time to get ready for bed.  After it ended, she wanted to see it again.  I said “no”.  She asked again, and again, and again, all met with … [Read more...]

I Have Failed

Tracy Maddy

By Tracy G. Cassels I am a parent.  And like all parents, I fail at times… Tonight my daughter and I were talking and I said “I love you”. Then to check in on our state of affairs, I asked her, “Do I love you when I’m frustrated?” Smile.  “Yes.” “When I’m angry?” Another smile.  “Yes.” “Is there ever a time when mommy doesn’t love you?” A pause.  A … [Read more...]

When I’m Not So Fun to Be Around


After having a crappy day myself and shutting myself in the bedroom because I was ready to scream at everyone and throw whatever I could find out the window, I had to write this.  So… how many of these can you relate to? When I’m tired, I get really crabby and snap at people. When I’m hungry, I get angry and can yell at those I love. When things aren't going the way I need … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Losing the Stigma Around Fostering


Losing the Stigma around Fostering Fostering and the world of children in care can be viewed as a complicated subject. People invent red tape because they are unsure about the stipulations around who can be a foster parent, which means there are less people fostering than there could be, and we don’t need to discuss the positive effects of having homes available to … [Read more...]

An Open Letter on Child Care

child care

This letter appeared in my inbox the other day and I thought it was so wonderful I asked if I could share it.  I have worked in daycares and as a nanny and I've seen some of the things Helen speaks of.  It is so important that we understand how the care we provide for our children either ourselves or via others will impact them for their entire life.  This is a beautiful … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day


Babe, Thank you.  I could honestly write "for everything" but I don't know how well that would go over as this is just about father's day.  So let me count the ways I love you as the father of our dear Maddy, as I love you in many other ways as well ;) I love you for... Doing things differently the second time around.  It takes a very strong person to not cling to how … [Read more...]