How Having A New Baby Has Made Me So Very Angry

Having my baby boy has led to an exponential growth in love in our family, but it has also made me very angry. Not at him or anyone close to us, but at our society that continues to devalue family and children.

“Overselling Breast-Feeding” Misses the Mark

Are we "overselling" breastfeeding? Are advocates trying to force women to breastfeed? Or are we looking for changes to a system that have only ever provided the illusion of choice?

What Does It Take For Breastfeeding Success?

I can admit my privilege when it comes to breastfeeding. But what is this privilege and what do we need to do to ensure all women have it?

It’s Not “Just Feed Your Baby”: Why Breastfeeding Discourse Matters

World Breastfeeding Week is gone, but it managed to highlight the anger towards breastfeeding advocates by those who don't breastfeed who are calling to end the discussions of breastfeeding. But breastfeeding discussion must continue and here's why...

Is Breastfeeding Advocacy Hurting Women?

Despite one US researcher on gender studies claiming so, I'm going to say she's really part of the problem with her arguments.

Parenting, Work, and the Spoiled Baby

Recently I was lead to a piece written by Katha Pollitt who claims that Attachment Parenting is bad not only for women, but for children too. Her evidence? Well, none.

Why Is Saving Babies’ Lives Not Enough?

Extrapolating over a ten-year period, there are approximately 7,400 infants under the age of one who died, most of whom need not have.

Policy: Maternity Leave Matters

In my opinion, one of the biggest advantages the Europeans have isn’t the health care or education, but it is the wonderful sense they have of the importance of family and what it takes to raise a successful child (or member of society).