What Does It Take For Breastfeeding Success?

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My daughter first latched within 15 or so minutes of birth and she latched great.  My milk came in early and my daughter never lost more than 5% of her weight (despite my having an epidural which is often associated with a larger weight loss because of fluid retention; though perhaps how late I had it speaks to that, I don’t know).  My supply was never a problem, she never had … [Read more...]

It’s Not “Just Feed Your Baby”: Why Breastfeeding Discourse Matters

Source: World Breastfeeding Week 2014

World Breastfeeding Week has ended and it’s dredged up a lot of emotions for a lot of people, not all positive.  Under the surface bubbles the anger from those who wonder, “Why can’t it be ‘just feed your baby’?”  In short: Why do we need this discussion about breastfeeding at all?  Why do we need to discuss the science, the merits, the health factors, and all those things that … [Read more...]

Is Breastfeeding Advocacy Hurting Women?


There was a recent article in the Guardian (UK) suggesting that the research on breastfeeding versus formula isn’t all that strong and that really formula is just as good.  I’m sure many formula feeding parents were thrilled to read such a thing and have wished to see such an article for a while.  But I would caution them to be very, very careful of what you wish for.  The … [Read more...]

Download: Letter to US Representatives RE Maternity Leave

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One of our Evolutionary Parents, Kristy Hughes, decided it was time to write her representative about the dismal state of maternity leave coverage in both her state and country (the USA).  We posted a draft earlier and got some great feedback.  After a long wait (sorry!), I have the final version ready for download.  I am posting the full text here for you to read.  You will … [Read more...]

Parenting, Work, and the Spoiled Baby

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Once again I find myself wanting to yell at my computer screen.  It’s as if the TIME cover set off a whole new wave of hysteria and outlandish and uneducated opinions about some of the practices of attachment parenting and I find myself getting more and more frustrated by the idiocy that parades around as journalism and feminist thought.  Though lately the focus has gone off … [Read more...]

Why Is Saving Babies’ Lives Not Enough?

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In 1978, Tennessee was the first state to pass a law requiring infants to be placed in an infant restraint system while driving in a car.  I don’t know if it caused an uproar or not, but as the years have passed, we’ve grown to realize exactly how important that decision was.  Within a few years, all other states had followed their lead[1] and nationwide we now see a 70% … [Read more...]

Theseus’ Parenting


I was thinking about parenting the other day and then (oddly) starting thinking about the idea of  Theseus’ Ship (in all fairness, not completely random as it was the philosophical basis for my comprehensive exam paper).  For those of you unaware of the story of Theseus and his Ship, let me provide you with a little synopsis: Theseus, the mythical founder and king of Athens, … [Read more...]

Canadian Election: Removing Harper a Family-Friendly Thing To Do


By Tracy G. Cassels Many Americans will be unaware that Canadians are set to go to the polls on May 2nd for a federal election after the current minority government was defeated in the House on a confidence vote.  Canadian elections, unlike their American counterparts, are rather quick – they average around 40 days (although the longest was 74 days and that was in 1926) – … [Read more...]

Policy: Maternity Leave Matters

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  When North Americans think of Europe, we tend to think of a happier, relaxed lifestyle where people drink wine, are sophisticated, and lead a lifestyle very unlike our own.  In many ways, the European way of life generally IS very different and, in my opinion, it makes a lot more sense.  For example, moreso than in the USA, they actually treat work as work – something … [Read more...]

Unhappy Parents: What’s Gives?

Unhappy Parents: What’s Gives?

I was recently told about a girl I know who had her baby two months ago and is back at school (getting her Ph.D.).  Not because she has to be—she lives in Canada and has a full year available to her, and with her scholarship she could have taken a total of 5 months off with full pay—but rather because she was “itching” to return.  Itching not because she loved school (although … [Read more...]