Should You Induce Labour?


The question of inductions can be a heated one at times, with proponents of natural birth shunning the idea of artificially inducing something that should happen naturally.  We hear comments like, “The baby knows when to come out” and therefore we are wrong to intervene. But this ignores that women have tried many methods over the years to bring on labour - from red raspberry … [Read more...]

Review of ‘New Mother’ and Interview with author Allie Chee

new mother

By Tracy G. Cassels I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I got my copy of New Mother: Using a Doula, Midwife, Postpartum Doula, Maid, Cook, or Nanny to Support Healing, Bonding and Growth.  I used a doula and midwife myself for the birth of my daughter and I am ever thankful that I did.  And I personally felt the midwife system here of home visits for 4 … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Kristy and Baby Rainy


Rainy’s Birth Story After having my first child, I was lucky to be able to take advantage of the natural birth control God created called breastfeeding.  It is a method not always reliable and ends when baby wants it to, (when baby is nursing less frequently), not you.  So I ended up getting pregnant unexpectedly after returning to fertility when Astra was around 13 months … [Read more...]

Unassisted Birth: Is This How We Were Meant to Birth?

birth of cupid

Moving away from the hospitalized, medicated, intervention births that have come to define birth in our society and culture can mean a lot of things.  For some, it’s simply birthing naturally in a hospital with doctors and nurses around.  For others, it’s having a midwife and birthing in the comfort of one’s own home.  For yet another, it would be having a midwife in a birthing … [Read more...]

Birth Story – Shawna from Australia


Baby Adelle, Let me tell you a story about an end and a beginning. This story takes place over a very short period of time, only twelve hours, but being as it was the end of Life As We Knew It, the beginning of Motherhood for me, and the beginning of Life for you, it is a significant one. It's the story of our journey through your coming into this world. The night before … [Read more...]

ReBirth – Volume 8

Rebirth Magazine

It's been a while since I shared a reprint of ReBirth (the Choices in Childbirth newspaper from Ontario, Canada in the 1980s) and I admit part of that has been that it's something I couldn't look at for a while after losing my mother.  I have read each and every volume with her in mind and we've had discussions about some of the pieces she wrote or were written by others.  But … [Read more...]

Birth Story – Sam from the UK

DSCF3892 WMcopy

On Sunday, 6th June, we went to a BBQ and I ate FAR too much. I had the most horrible tummy ache. A couple of people joked that it was Peanut making a move, but it was JUST indigestion. I think. Anywho, I barely slept at all night until about 4:30am, when I managed an hour before I needed to get up (again) for the loo. I drifted off again just after DH went to work and I was … [Read more...]

Birth Story – Jennifer from the USA


At 36 weeks I was having contractions, but it took me a few days to realize it.  They started when I was driving down to pick up my husband, Peter, from the airport.  I thought my pants were just uncomfortable.  The next day I was still uncomfortable, but figured it was part of being at the end of my pregnancy.  Day 3 rolled around and I realized they were contractions, but I … [Read more...]

Birth Story – Lizzie from the UK


On 26th September 2009, my mother-in-law called us in the morning to tell us she'd had a vivid dream the night before that Lily had been born. I was not over 42 weeks by this point, but I was definitely starting to feel rather ready to birth this baby, finishing my last letter to Lily in her special book with "Oh darling, come quickly to us, you are so welcome here!" The … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Emily from Ohio


On October 1, 2010 I was 12 weeks pregnant and went to the doctor for my first appointment where, instead of plans for ultrasounds and follow up appointments, I found out that I had had a missed miscarriage.  Needless to say I was devastated.  Around Christmas time, a friend who had experienced a miscarriage and was again pregnant told me that life can change so much in just … [Read more...]