ReBirth – Volume 8

Rebirth Magazine

It's been a while since I shared a reprint of ReBirth (the Choices in Childbirth newspaper from Ontario, Canada in the 1980s) and I admit part of that has been that it's something I couldn't look at for a while after losing my mother.  I have read each and every volume with her in mind and we've had discussions about some of the pieces she wrote or were written by others.  But … [Read more...]

Re:Birth Volume 7

Rebirth Magazine

By Tracy G. Cassels This issue of Re:Birth has articles on the Midwifery Task Force in Ontario in the early 1980s, squatting in labour, episiotomies, rules at the time about fathers being present for c-sections, VBAC support, and birth on TV. One of the things I noticed when reading this paper was that the task force that was to decide how midwifery was integrated in to … [Read more...]

Re:Birth Volume 6

Rebirth Magazine

By Tracy G. Cassels I bring you another installment (sadly we’re nearing the end of what I have) of the Choices in Childbirth newspaper from Ontario in the 1980s.  The current volume has some interesting discussions surrounding the then-impending legalization of midwifery, the role of the labour supporter (which makes me wonder – was Doula not a term back then?), an article … [Read more...]

Re:Birth Volume 4

Rebirth Magazine

I am on vacation and thus this will have to suffice for post 2 of the week without a lengthy introduction!  Hope you're all enjoying whatever you're getting up to this week :) Here is the link to Re:Birth Volume 4. Cheers, Tracy   … [Read more...]

Re:Birth Volume 3

Rebirth Magazine

  By Tracy G. Cassels The third installment of Re:Birth focuses on home birth statistics and how they should be interpreted (something we need to be reminded of today as well; see Fighting for Homebirth), arguments for short hospital stays after giving birth, stay-at-home versus work-outside motherhood and the guilt associated with each, perineal care, reviews of … [Read more...]

Re:Birth Volume 2

Rebirth Magazine

By Tracy G. Cassels In this second issue of Re:Birth, there are articles on the Ultrasound (which was quite new at the time), mothering the mother, VBACs (yes, they were talking about them 20 years ago) and C-sections, support during labour, and breastfeeding policies. I would like to briefly discuss one piece though – ‘Reflections’ by Maaike Asselbergs (as a personal … [Read more...]

Choices in Childbirth: ReBirth Newspaper

Rebirth Magazine

By Tracy G. Cassels We like to think of our society as constantly moving ‘forwards’.  We gain more rights, society becomes more equal, and we admit to problems passed and insist they will not happen again.  However, one realm where we seem to be heading backwards is that of birth.  Today, women are fighting for the right to birth at home, interventions are at an all-time … [Read more...]

Where did all the communities go?


I grew up in what I have since learned is a rather remarkable and unique situation.  I was born in downtown Toronto in my house by a midwife in the late 70s.  My mom was involved in fighting for women’s rights to choose how and where they want to give birth and so even though it wasn’t actually legal for her to give birth at home for all three of her kids, she managed to do it … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom: Mayim Bialik

Celebrity Mom: Mayim Bialik

By Tracy G. Cassels When you first think of Mayim Bialik, a young chipper Blossom probably comes to mind.  Or if you’re on the younger end, you probably think of Amy Farrah Fowler (my personal favourite of her work).  Or you may think of her as the actress who got a Ph.D. in Neuroscience (and I do believe we can use “the”, not “a” for that category).  What most people are … [Read more...]

Canadian Election: Removing Harper a Family-Friendly Thing To Do


By Tracy G. Cassels Many Americans will be unaware that Canadians are set to go to the polls on May 2nd for a federal election after the current minority government was defeated in the House on a confidence vote.  Canadian elections, unlike their American counterparts, are rather quick – they average around 40 days (although the longest was 74 days and that was in 1926) – … [Read more...]