“I’m an overly-educated stay-at-home mom”

I was disheartened because her statement about being “overly-educated” implies that somehow being educated and being a stay-at-home parent is incompatible. I don’t know how much she herself feels that, but I know it’s a common view in our society.

What Does It Take For Breastfeeding Success?

I can admit my privilege when it comes to breastfeeding. But what is this privilege and what do we need to do to ensure all women have it?

Guest Post: One Dad on Being There

A father shares the one main lesson he has learned through the birth and first year of life of his son: That being there is what matters.

Thirty Billion Dollars and Counting

When we say that breastfeeding in developed nations isn't really a big deal because we have clean water and low rates of disease, are we really thinking this through? What are we willing to accept both in these costs and in what women are trying to achieve but missing out on?

Kids in Cars

Today I shared the story of a NZ mom who left her sleeping infant in the car while she did some grocery shopping. Now, part of what interested me about this story is that we have a real fear of leaving kids in cars. And by and large it’s an irrational fear, based on the fact that while any of the “what ifs” that people come up with are very unlikely to happen, the outcome is disastrous.

Reflections On “One of Those Years”.

With the close of 2012 coming, I’ve been hearing people say that 2012 was “one of those years”. Something we say about a year when it hasn’t been what we’d hoped, and thus something I hear on a regular basis every year.

To Lose A Mother

This was officially the weirdest welcome I’d ever had coming back to Toronto. And then my dad opened his mouth, and for everything, I wish I could go back and make that never happen.

Guest Post: Does It Really Matter? (A Poem)

Trisha Lawrie has kindly shared three incredibly powerful poems regarding birth and I am thrilled to share them. I feel they speak to so much that we speak of on EP and give voice to experiences that, sadly, far too many women experience during the birth process.

Ask EP: Mother-Infant Responses

Q: Any articles you can recommend on maternal nervous system response? When my little guy cries I feel like I can't hear anything else and like my skin is on fire until I get to him. Love to somehow explain this to my partner.

Birth Story: Lindsey from South Yorkshire, England

Here's our second guest birth story. I am honestly so excited to be sharing these with everyone - they're all truly remarkable!