Guest Post: Your Brain in Birth? Labor from the neurological-physiological perspective of the mother

A guest post examining how our knowledge of neuroscience can help us better prepare for birth and understand the effects of various interventions and practices on our experience of birth.

Guest Post: Oxytocin and Childbirth

What is oxytocin? Why is it important to the birthing process? How does our current medicalized birth culture affect the release of this important hormone?

Inductions and Autism

Recently an article made the news which suggested a link between autism and the use of inductions. Herein I take a close look at the article to determine what we can and cannot conclude from the data.

For the Love of Sleep

In many ways, sleep is a social activity and is hugely important to our social well-being. Though we sleep alone in our society, this is not how we have evolved, and we see this when we return to shared sleep when we marry or live with another person.

My Baby Cries Too

My response to the ever popular CIO argument of: "My baby just gets overtired and needs to cry to get all that extra energy out before she sleeps."

Choices in Childbirth: ReBirth Newspaper

Starting today I will start sharing some pdfs of an old newspaper that was written and distributed in the 1980s in Ontario, Canada – Re: Birth. It was created by a group called Choices in Childbirth and the goal was to promote women’s options for their births...

The Benefits of Baby Wearing

One of the simplest yet most effective aspects of Evolutionary Parenting is baby wearing. I’m also pleased to say it’s one of the ones making a rather large comeback after years of a stroller monopoly.

To Drug or Not to Drug? The Epidural Debate

My view in a nutshell: The development of the epidural was a great scientific discovery that has the power to help women who NEED it in labor. It has its place in the world of childbearing, but it has also been VASTLY overused and many of those who opt for it have no idea what it is that they’re choosing to do.