The Media and Birth: How the Media Views Birth

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When I was pregnant I had a discussion with one of my midwives at a visit about how birth is portrayed on TV and movies.  She shared that for her and most midwives she knew, they just couldn’t suspend disbelief long enough to actually enjoy any episode or part of a movie that covered birth.  I get that.  It’s a problem many people in professions have when they try to watch a … [Read more...]

Reflections On “One of Those Years”.


By Tracy G. Cassels With the close of 2012 coming, I’ve been hearing people say that 2012 was “one of those years”.  Something we say about a year when it hasn’t been what we’d hoped, and thus something I hear on a regular basis every year.  It has made me realize that I’m not sure what our expectations are for the years as they pass.  What constitutes a good year?  We might … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Words That I Remember

verbal abuse

By Anonymous Sticks and stones may break my bones, But words can also hurt me. Sticks and stones break only skin, While words are ghosts that haunt me. Pain from words has left its scar On mind and heart that’s tender. Cuts and bruises now have healed, It’s words that I remember. - Unknown *** My early life wasn’t just filled with the ups and downs of living with … [Read more...]

Big Boys Don’t Cry: What Not To Say To a Crying Child

Baby Cries

Lately I’ve spent a fair amount of time out and about with my daughter.  But with visiting public places comes the problem of hearing things parents say to their children that I’d much rather not hear.  And most of the time it pertains to children who are crying.  Somehow parents these days (or in our culture) seem to believe children shouldn’t cry.  Or that crying should be … [Read more...]

Birth Story – Sam from the UK

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On Sunday, 6th June, we went to a BBQ and I ate FAR too much. I had the most horrible tummy ache. A couple of people joked that it was Peanut making a move, but it was JUST indigestion. I think. Anywho, I barely slept at all night until about 4:30am, when I managed an hour before I needed to get up (again) for the loo. I drifted off again just after DH went to work and I was … [Read more...]

To Lose A Mother

Tracy and Brian's Wedding

By Tracy G Cassels June 11th, 2012: I woke up this morning and thought to myself that I didn’t like the word “skort”.  That was the highlight of my morning thought process.  I finished packing, got my daughter up, and got us ready for our trip back to Toronto.  We were going for a yearly visit before my daughter turned two to avoid paying a full fare for her.  We got to … [Read more...]

Circumcision, Science, and Religion: Part 4

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By Tracy G. Cassels Adult versus Child or Neonate Circumcision One of the factors that routinely comes up in questions surrounding neonate circumcision is the idea that the pain and healing associated with adult or even child circumcision are far greater, thus if one is to circumcise, infancy is the period of time in which to do it.  The problem with this view is that it … [Read more...]

Circumcision, Science, and Religion: Part 3

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By Tracy G. Cassels Picking up where we left off… The Science around Circumcision, continued Sexual Functioning While this is an area that hopefully is not an immediate source of concern for some parents (and may perhaps be seen as a benefit by some), there are those that claim that sexual satisfaction is reduced for both men who are circumcised and their female … [Read more...]

Circumcision, Science, and Religion: Part 2

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By Tracy G. Cassels Picking up where we left off… The Science around Circumcision, continued Penile Cancer This is considered one of the major bonuses by some religious sites[1] who reported that in one study, none of the individuals with penile cancer had been circumcised in childhood.  A review of all the research does find many studies showing that infant or … [Read more...]

Circumcision, Science, and Religion: Part 1

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By Tracy G. Cassels One of the touchier subjects in natural parenting circles is the issue of male circumcision.  It can cause two individuals who agree on every other aspect of parenting to cease speaking or supporting one another.  It raises ire amongst those adamant that it’s akin to abuse and defensiveness amongst those who practice the rite for religious purposes.  In … [Read more...]