Educating the Jasseys – Lesson One: Parent-Centric Parenting

Source: "The Newborn Sleep Book"

This month I became aware of a new book being published called “The Newborn Sleep Book”.  The book, written by two pediatrician brothers in Long Island, NY – Lewis and Jonathan Jassey – advocates sleep training your newborn.  I have done an Educating the Experts series – one I may refer to a lot in this one – but the sheer gall of suggesting newborns need “training” (and that … [Read more...]

It’s Not “Just Feed Your Baby”: Why Breastfeeding Discourse Matters

Source: World Breastfeeding Week 2014

World Breastfeeding Week has ended and it’s dredged up a lot of emotions for a lot of people, not all positive.  Under the surface bubbles the anger from those who wonder, “Why can’t it be ‘just feed your baby’?”  In short: Why do we need this discussion about breastfeeding at all?  Why do we need to discuss the science, the merits, the health factors, and all those things that … [Read more...]

Homebirth Risks in the News Again


The US has a real problem with homebirth and I for one can’t really understand it at all.  It seems that many doctors and hospitals absolutely refuse to believe that homebirths should be happening at all.  That women should not have the choice to deliver their infant at home.  Recently there have been a couple higher-profile studies that have been used to discuss the relative … [Read more...]

Why You Should Care About Circumcision

circumcision banner

This piece was originally published in the Spring 2013, Issue 06 of Nurture Magazine and the original (in pdf) can be seen here. By Tracy G. Cassels I used to be one of those people who thought that routine infant circumcision was a personal decision.  And by personal, I mean parental.  Yeah, I personally would never do it because there was just no point to it in my mind.  … [Read more...]

The Daily Fail Strikes Again!


Alright, I caved.  At first I wanted nothing to do with this article from the Daily Fail because let's face it - it's the Daily Fail - but because I'm being asked a lot, let’s take it apart, shall we? Let’s start with the title: The new parenting fad experts fear could KILL your baby: Mothers are jeopardising their child's safety by co-sleeping Um… clearly Ms. Hoyle … [Read more...]

Do Parents Matter?

tug of war

By Tracy G. Cassels It’s been 14 years since The Nurture Assumption hit bookstores and in that time we’ve seen a steady decline of parents’ beliefs in their own efficacy and influence over their children’s outcomes and behaviours.  In this book, Judith Harris (the author) argued that peers are far more important and that parents actually have no long-term impact on their … [Read more...]

The Breastfeeding Research Battle

Source: Tracy Cassels

By Tracy G. Cassels It seems that researchers looking at the "benefits" of breastfeeding (really the problems with formula) can’t catch a break these days.  In the past month, two prominent research studies have hit the news and yet detractors everywhere call “foul”.  For a long time, critics of the research showing favourable outcomes associated with breastfeeding (which … [Read more...]

Slate Gets on the Cry-it-Out Bandwagon

Source: Unknown

It was to my utter dismay to be led to yet another article touting the benefits of crying-it-out (CIO) and admonishing those who speak out against it.  However, it was even more distressing to read an article that so blatantly attacked researchers and held up research that has been openly criticized as "bad science" as evidence supporting CIO.  But I’m jumping ahead.  Let me … [Read more...]

Press Release Re: Carpenter et al. Bedsharing Study


My plan this weekend had been to enjoy a relaxing weekend away with the family.  However, Friday I was made aware of a new report coming out today on the "dangers of bedsharing".  Needless to say, this weekend changed.  We were luckily able to view a copy of the article in advance and the group of researchers I have worked with on other posts and I wrote a response.  This is … [Read more...]