Does New Research Really Say Punishment Is Helpful?

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The other day I opened up my beloved Science Daily to find the following headline: “Punishing a Child is Effective if Done Correctly”.  After I managed to regulate my blood pressure, I went on to read the article for I had to know exactly what was going on.  All the research I have read in recent years doesn’t support this view at all – from time outs to spankings, the evidence … [Read more...]

New Research Supports Including Evolutionary Breastfeeding in Health Comparisons

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For anyone that follows EP regularly, they will know I (relatively) recently posted a piece talking about one of the more common problems with breastfeeding research that no one discusses – namely, that we don’t often have a comparison group that includes what I would call evolutionary breastfeeding.  That is, women who exclusively breastfeed for approximately six months … [Read more...]

Understanding the Important Relationship Between Sleep and Feeding Method

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There are two new research articles out that complement each other quite nicely and highlight a very critical issue when it comes to parenting: The relationship between breastfeeding and infant sleep.  Although many “experts” like to ignore that sleep patterns will differ in crucial ways (and not others) when a child is exclusively breastfed, the fact is that feeding method can … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Childhood Leukemia

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The other week, breastfeeding made headlines again as a new meta-analysis published in JAMA Pediatrics[1] found that breastfeeding was associated with a “reduced risk” for childhood leukemia.  First, I will say the article uses “reduced risk”, but from a biological perspective, it is an increased risk when using formula.  Second, for anyone that doesn’t know what a … [Read more...]

The Problem With Breastfeeding Research That No One is Talking About

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It seems a week can’t go by without another article going viral by someone trying to dismantle the “benefits of breastfeeding” (or really the risk associated with formula use, as the biological norm is breastfeeding).  One could almost think that this justification for formula use is being peddled by the formula companies themselves, but alas, it seems to be women fighting to … [Read more...]

Guess What? Parents Do Matter to Child Well-Being (and Not Just When They’re Kids)

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How much do parents matter?  Well, oddly it’s a question that has been asked and answered in so many different ways, it’s difficult to tell.  On one extreme, we have the likes of Judith Harris who argued that peer relationships are far more important than any parental relationship, especially later in adolescence.  On the other, we have the likes of Gordon Neufeld who believes … [Read more...]

Does Formal Education Make You Smarter?


Does formal education make you smarter?  It’s a question that many people actually assume an answer to, namely that of course it does!  It’s why we have schools and formal education, right?  It’s why we go on to get various degrees, right?  Eh… Not so fast.  Although people have often assumed that the more you formally educate yourself, the smarter you become, not everyone has … [Read more...]

Toddler “Sleep Problems”: Should We Be Worried?

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Last week an article came out in JAMA Pediatrics that got a lot of media attention.  The basis of the article was looking at the long-term effects of sleep “problems” in toddlers.  Let it be known now that there is a dearth of research on this topic.  When many people jump up and down about how bad sleep habits in the younger years will result in lifelong problems, they have … [Read more...]

Research Highlights Long-Term “Benefits” of Breastfeeding and Internet Goes Crazy

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A new study was released in the Lancet: Global Health the other day with the media picking up on the main finding that there are tangible, long-term benefits to breastfeeding.  Of course, the Internet being the Internet and some moms being some of the most delicate flowers around, there was the uproar of “How dare you judge me for using formula!” proceeded by attacks on the … [Read more...]

Circumcision, Pain, and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders

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A new study has been published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine reporting a higher risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in boys who have undergone infant circumcision[1].  Not just some small increased risk either, but a risk in the range of approximately 80%.  What prompted this research?  How good is the research?  What take-home messages are there? The … [Read more...]