Guest Post: Car Seat Safety Guide

Safety 1st OnBoard 35 8 months

Preface:  I asked Emma to write this post after being is bad car accident myself in December.  I was driving with my mother-in-law and 3 1/2 year old daughter to pick up my stepson from school when we were crossing an intersection doing the speed limit (which was 50km/hr) for which we had a green light (and it had been green for sometime).  Before I could register anything, … [Read more...]

Bedsharing in Australia: Scare Mongering versus Reality

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By Tracy G. Cassels Many Australians woke this morning to scare mongering about bedsharing thanks to articles in their papers.  Claims that 25 babies died in the parental bed last year have led people to declare that bedsharing should be illegal.  Some people are being investigated for it as it is not seemingly okay to report it to Child Services (I kid you not).  It's hard … [Read more...]

Bedsharing Siblings: Part 3


Welcome to Part Three of Bedsharing Siblings (you can see Part One here and Part Two here).  Before we begin, I share the same caveat that all of these families bedshare safely and that although some pictures may seem unsafe, they are with parents standing by and watching over at this moment :) … [Read more...]

When Your Partner Isn’t On the Bedsharing Train

Co-sleeping Family

By Tracy G. Cassels Many of the people that read this site are bedsharers.  We love it.  We love the closeness it brings and we love the ease that it provides in terms of dealing with night wakings and all that.  Bedsharing isn’t for everyone though, and luckily, often all members of a family are on the same page, making it a moot point.  But what if you and your partner … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Breastfeeding and Alcohol Consumption


By Jennifer Heisleman Ingalls Breastfeeding and's the season for a holiday beverage or two. What's a nursing mama to do? Many breastfeeding moms wonder if it is safe for them to have an occasional alcoholic beverage. Controversy and misinformation surrounds this topic. The conventional wisdom is to pump and dump. Or buy the alcohol “test strips.” Or even, “If … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Twins, Toddler Discipline, and Sibling Bedsharing


Hi there, I love your posts, everything I exactly need! I’m new to the group and love the calm, relax approach to parenting....but how do you do it with twins? I have 7 months old twins and am desperate for some advice on co sleeping , breastfeeding twins at night. I am exhausted, tried so many books, even Gina ford (I know... ). Thanks!  I cosleep & breastfeed my … [Read more...]

Six Ways to Allow Your Child to Become a Responsible Adult


By Tracy G. Cassels Lately there seem to be many parents yelling about how much they hate our current generation of entitled children or young adults who can’t function on their own and don’t take responsibility for their actions.  They seem to argue that it’s parents who are responsive that are a problem, something I’ve heard first hand (because didn’t you know that letting … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Resources To Protect Your Child’s Online Safety

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By Elizabeth Phillips Our generation of teens and kids today have been merged to living their lives online, and because the online community is vast and faceless, many of them will often expose details about their state of mind to complete strangers online. In doing so, they leave traces online for identity thieves, internet predators, and cyberbullies that could later on be … [Read more...]

Texting and Driving

texting driving

By Tracy G. Cassels Often us parents worry about things like stranger kidnappings, airplanes crashing, and other events that are horrific but highly unlikely.  We worry for our children.  And we forget things that are far more common and frankly, more within our control.  Car accidents are often preventable, especially when we start to talk about texting and driving.  As … [Read more...]

The Daily Fail Strikes Again!


By Tracy G. Cassels Alright, I caved.  At first I wanted nothing to do with this article, but let’s take it apart, shall we? Let’s start with the title: The new parenting fad experts fear could KILL your baby: Mothers are jeopardising their child's safety by co-sleeping Um… clearly Ms. Hoyle knows nothing about human history.  Co-sleeping is about as new as, oh, … [Read more...]