New Video Tries to Scare Parents Into Not Bedsharing

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So the following video is making the rounds on the interweb as a means of discouraging parents from bedsharing.  Take a moment and watch it yourself (I recommend staying away from hard things you might bang your head on, causing injury): Hello Ms. Cop.  Might I first ask what your qualifications are to talk about infant sleep and safety?  Are you a researcher on the … [Read more...]

Bedsharing and Formula Feeding

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Sleeping with your baby is as old as human history.  It is a biological norm for our babies to want to be close to us (and for most of us, for us to be close to them).  It is a practice that has been condemned in our current society, with fears of suffocation and SIDS leading the way, and most parents have been told flat-out to avoid it.  However, the practice is increasing as … [Read more...]

Sing for SUDC Challenge

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Recently the Ice Bucket Challenge made massive headlines and raised millions of dollars for ALS.  I'm thrilled for the families who have suffered watching a family member succumb to ALS - having anyone you love die is heart-wrenching.  I have buried the three women in my life who helped shape me in less than two years and although only one went before her time (my mother), I … [Read more...]

Plan for “Record-Setting Bedsharing Deaths”? Same Old Thing (And It Doesn’t Work)

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Texas is on pace for a record number of “bedsharing” deaths this year: The record is 174 (in 2011) and this year so far they are already at 172.  Officials have launched a $100,000 campaign to curb these deaths by – you guessed it – telling parents how dangerous it is to bedshare ever.  A spokesperson for the state’s Child Protective Services said, “A lot of people don't … [Read more...]

Does Bedsharing Increase the Risk of Death for Younger Infants?

Safe Bedsharing

A new study out of Pediatrics[1] has the media once again proclaiming that bedsharing is unsafe, particularly in the 0-3 month age range.  The study, which utilized data from the National Centre for Review and Prevention of Child Death Case Reporting System, examined details pertaining to over 8000 deaths in the period of 2004-2012.  Although the sheer number of deaths examined … [Read more...]

Bedsharing: Risks and Realities

Safe Bedsharing

If you mention “bedsharing” to many nurses or doctors or even other parents, they will often tell you exactly how dangerous it is.  Haven’t you heard that it’s pretty much tantamount to trying to kill your child?  I’ve had people comment on other pages they think parents should be charged for bedsharing.  They really believe it’s that dangerous. With last year’s Carpenter et … [Read more...]

Homebirth: A “Narcissistic” Choice?


I came across this interesting discussion on Facebook the other day (be warned, it’s long so make sure you have time to read it all if interested, which I believe many of you will be).  What struck me most about it was the idea that, for some, to birth at home is a “narcissistic” choice.  (I take issue with the term itself as I don’t believe the choice is made with a grandiose … [Read more...]

Bedsharing in Australia: Scare Mongering versus Reality

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By Tracy G. Cassels Many Australians woke this morning to scare mongering about bedsharing thanks to articles in their papers.  Claims that 25 babies died in the parental bed last year have led people to declare that bedsharing should be illegal.  Some people are being investigated for it as it is not seemingly okay to report it to Child Services (I kid you not).  It's hard to … [Read more...]

Proving the Risk of Harm in Early Sleep Training

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You can read this article in Hebrew here, thanks to Idan Melamed! You can read this article in Romanian here, thanks to Andrea Boabes! You can read this article in Spanish here, thanks to Hanny Ghazi! You can read this article in French here, thanks to Pascal! A new review paper out in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrics[1] has me hearing choirs, … [Read more...]