Why the Conflicting Results on Bedsharing Risk?

It seems that messages on bedsharing differ depending on where you are. If everyone is looking at the same evidence, why are they coming to different conclusions? A look at the research suggests not everyone is looking at it the same way...

Safe Sleep: Is Fear Mongering Taking Over Common Sense?

With yet another "safe sleep" campaign that focuses on fear-mongering over education and real statistics, it's time we looked at what is going on and why these campaigns continue to not work.

New Video Tries to Scare Parents Into Not Bedsharing

A new video is making the rounds trying to convince people that bedsharing is dangerous using time-lapsed footage of someone sleeping. Warning: Your head may explode from the stupid in it!

Bedsharing and Formula Feeding

Is it fair to have a blanket statement that formula feeding families cannot bedshare? Do the benefits of bedsharing require us to consider a more nuanced message? What does the research tell us?

Sing for SUDC Challenge

Sudden Unexplained Death of a Child affects 1.5 out of every 100,000 children (similar to the rates of ALS - the Ice Bucket Challenge). Yet there is NO federal funding and virtually no research funding. Let's change that.

Plan for “Record-Setting Bedsharing Deaths”? Same Old Thing (And It Doesn’t Work)

Texas is on pace to have a record-setting number of "bedsharing" deaths. Their plan? The same old tired song and dance of telling people how bad it is. Isn't it time we tried something new like sharing information?

Does Bedsharing Increase the Risk of Death for Younger Infants?

A new study claims that bedsharing is risky for infants aged 0-3 months, yet their data and analyses offer zero support for such a statement. What did they really look at and what does it really tell us?

Bedsharing: Risks and Realities

The myth (yes myth!) is that bedsharing is inherently dangerous. But what if we looked at every single bedsharing death? What would we find then?

Homebirth: A “Narcissistic” Choice?

Some claim that to choose a homebirth is "narcissistic". But what if we compare the risk of homebirth (only in the US, no less) with other common, modern-day practices, I think people need to reevaluate their stance or be ready to call out a lot more people!