Stress and Extinction Sleep Training: It’s Not So Simple

When you talk about stress and sleep training, you often get two polarized views: Either the stress is so great it has to cause irreparable harm or it's fine or even beneficial. Yet neither really captures the whole story.

Daycare and Cortisol Levels: What Does This Tell Us?

New research looks at cortisol patterns in infants, toddlers, and children as they adapt to new daycare situations. The findings aren't encouraging, but should be considered in the larger framework of research on child care.

When Anger Isn’t Really Anger: The Relationship Between Fear and Anger

Sometimes our children's anger can seem irrational or out-of-place given the circumstances and in turn we react defensively and with anger ourselves. What if we could see the anger as really fear-based and respond in kind?

Are We Setting Up Parents to Sleep Train?

In pondering the use of CIO and CC further, I start to wonder if those of us who speak out against sleep training may be inadvertently setting families up to fail. Hear me out…

Slate Gets on the Cry-it-Out Bandwagon

The entire tagline reads “A journal jumps on the Dr. Sears bandwagon to say sleep training is dangerous. Science says otherwise.” Let’s first get something clear – journals publish special issues all the time and journals publish research and opinion pieces and reviews from researchers who work in the relevant fields.

4 Steps to Help with Baby’s Transition to a New Caregiver

Transitioning to a new caregiver can be hard for everyone involved. If you have the time to transition slowly, these four steps can help avoid dreaded crying fits when you leave and help your child remain secure and comfortable.

The Effects of Parental Stress: SRCD Research

This second piece covering some of the newest research out there in child development will focus on what I have encountered to date on the effects of parental stress on a variety of outcomes.

The “Life Lessons” Fallacy

Why I go crazy when I hear people say they are engaging in specific parenting practices in order to teach their baby/toddler/child about the real world.

Does a new study really support leaving your child to cry?

So, what is this new research? It’s an article by Masha Weinraub and colleagues on sleep patterns, notably night wakenings, in children aged six months to three years . Now, let’s ignore what the popular press has reported and actually look at the study itself…

Co-Sleeping is Bad for Mom? Not So Fast…

Recently an article has made the rounds on various news sources stating that co-sleeping has negative effects for mom, but a closer look at the research suggests that this is not all what it seems.