Guest Post: Six things you may not know about the Foster Care Process

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Tracy's Note: I am someone who constantly thinks about the foster system.  There is such a need for GOOD foster parents, but it seems most people don't know a lot of the information they should.  This guest post was provided to me to share with you what you need to know if you're considering fostering.  I hope more people will so we get to a stage where entering the foster … [Read more...]

What Does It Take For Breastfeeding Success?

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My daughter first latched within 15 or so minutes of birth and she latched great.  My milk came in early and my daughter never lost more than 5% of her weight (despite my having an epidural which is often associated with a larger weight loss because of fluid retention; though perhaps how late I had it speaks to that, I don’t know).  My supply was never a problem, she never had … [Read more...]

Stress-Release Crying

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Babies cry.  It’s really no surprise to anyone who has had a child or been in the vicinity of a child, and yet if you read articles on crying and how parents should react, we find ourselves presented with two very distinct camps.  On one hand, we have those who propose responding to babies’ and children’s cries, under the belief that this is how they communicate and that their … [Read more...]

It’s Not “Just Feed Your Baby”: Why Breastfeeding Discourse Matters

Source: World Breastfeeding Week 2014

World Breastfeeding Week has ended and it’s dredged up a lot of emotions for a lot of people, not all positive.  Under the surface bubbles the anger from those who wonder, “Why can’t it be ‘just feed your baby’?”  In short: Why do we need this discussion about breastfeeding at all?  Why do we need to discuss the science, the merits, the health factors, and all those things that … [Read more...]

It’s Not About You


Story #1 I so wanted a home birth.  To be honest, I never fathomed I’d set foot in a hospital.  My mother had birthed all three of us kids at home, on the third floor of what would be my family home for nearly 30 years, with a midwife.  This was just how birth was done in my mind.  I hate hospitals (always have), I hated the stories I’d heard from too many people about … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Happy

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By Mama Bean “What right have you got to be happy, anyway?” I felt like I’d been struck by lightening; my whole body froze.  I could feel my teeth clench together as my jaw clamped shut.  I could not utter another word. I had dared to confide my teenage angst in someone who should have known better than to shame and belittle me.  I had dipped my toe into a pool of hope … [Read more...]

Guest Post: One Dad on Being There

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By Kurt W. Kroeck It seems appropriate, somehow, to be writing this just 5 days before my son Thomas turns a year old.  I know that there’s a lot of buzz on the internet about different parenting issues, concerns, and styles. I also know that when my partner Holly and I talked about how we were going to do things, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the things she planned. When … [Read more...]

An Open Letter on Support


To the parent who is asking that we just support one another, no matter what each of us has chosen on our parenting path… I first have to tell you that I hear you.   I hear you on the confusion over different pieces of conflicting advice.  I hear you on how difficult it is to face family and friends telling you that you “must” sleep train or wean or supplement.  I hear you … [Read more...]

Why Ending the “Mommy Wars” is Misguided and Dangerous


Ending the mommy wars has become quite the news item and one that everyone seems to get on board with. I mean, how can you not?  Doesn’t it sound so lovely to say that we have to support each other as moms no matter what we do?  After all, they’re just choices and isn’t each choice as valid and wonderful as the rest?  If we all just accepted this, the world would be… well, what … [Read more...]

Supporting Moms: Tell Me What I Want To Hear?


Lately I’ve been forced to handle many comments all relating to the same theme of, “Shouldn’t we all be supporting each other no matter what we choose?”  It’s a beautiful sentiment that parents can pull out whenever they hear of people dissenting against a particular point of view.  Actually, it’s often shared against a page or group of people who speak out against mainstream … [Read more...]