Breastfeeding Aversions

2020-08-20T16:08:44-04:00January 31st, 2014|

We all know of the usual booby traps and how they are detrimental to women who want to breastfeed, but rarely do we talk about breastfeeding aversion as a problem for women who have tried to breastfeed.

Guest Post: Birth Day (A Poem)

2020-08-21T14:10:28-04:00May 28th, 2012|

Trisha Lawrie has kindly shared three incredibly powerful poems regarding birth and I am thrilled to share them. I feel they speak to so much that we speak of on EP and give voice to experiences that, sadly, far too many women experience during the birth process. Though "enjoy" isn't quite the right word, I hope you find these as moving and powerful as I have. Today I share the first of the three entitled Birth Day, a reflection on Ms. Lawrie's personal experience.