Guest Post: What Is Discipline?

2020-08-20T16:16:19-04:00January 15th, 2014|

When people talk about ‘disciplining a child’, they usually mean ‘punishing’ a child. The punishment is supposed to help children learn, but research tells us punishment is an ineffective teacher... So what does it really mean to 'discipline'?

The Myth of Warmth

2020-08-21T10:23:01-04:00September 30th, 2013|

The argument is that if you have a warmer relationship at other times, the failure to be responsiveness or to even be hurtful is not a problem. The problem is that science doesn't back that up at all...

Becoming a Gentle Parent

2020-08-21T10:25:02-04:00August 29th, 2013|

For many of us, we grew up with physical punishment, yelling, shaming, even full-on abuse. We so desperately want to change that cycle, but how? It can be unbelievably difficult to do. One mom asked if I could do a post on ways to change and work towards being the gentle parent we want to be. So here we are.

Yelling (Part I)

2020-08-21T10:47:09-04:00April 3rd, 2013|

Those of us that have had to admit to yelling at our kids will typically come up with one of many reasons why we did it. We may not like that we did it, but we did and we have a reason.

Apology Not Accepted

2020-08-21T14:02:17-04:00September 27th, 2012|

We should be cognizant of how our actions affect our children. And just because they are sometimes too young or too emotional to tell us exactly how they feel doesn’t mean they don’t feel as awful as my daughter did that day.