It’s amazing the myths that abound about circumcision.  From the idea that it’s “cleaner” to the notion that it reduces the risk of “HIV” (which this clip ignores is a wholly African thing with methodological flaws and has not been studied in or is possibly relevant for North America and ignores the fact that European countries with almost no circumcision have lower rates of HIV), people in the US in particular seem to be stuck in the belief that circumcision is something they should do.  Forget that it’s the only cosmetic surgery we allow to be performed for non-religious and non-medical reasons.  The only one.


This video does a great job of explaining exactly why circumcision took hold, something many people are sadly woefully ignorant of; however, there are some factual problems and lack of details on other bits of information, but I suppose that’s normal for a 3:40 video, right?  I do want to point one in particular out though.  I wholeheartedly disagree with their statement of “there’s no harm in it” because I think there are a lot of families and especially young boys who would completely disagree with that (even if you are not one of them).

Now watch and learn exactly why you are circumcised… and then ask yourself if it’s a good enough reason to want to do that to your child.

If you want to read more on circumcision (including information relevant to things that were mentioned in the video), please check out this article on why you should care about circumcision and the Canadian Health and Human Rights Partnership or Intact America.
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