Nighttime Breastfeeding by Cecilia Tomori

From Tracy:

One of my favourites because although it doesn’t cover how to’s like some of these books, it is an unflinching, honest account of the many struggles families face when breastfeeding in a culture that is neither supportive nor understanding.  A must-read for anyone interested in supporting breastfeeding families.


Nighttime for many new parents in the United States is fraught with the intense challenges of learning to breastfeed and helping their babies sleep so they can get rest themselves. Through careful ethnographic study of the dilemmas raised by nighttime breastfeeding, and their examination in the context of anthropological, historical, and feminist studies, this volume unravels the cultural tensions that underlie these difficulties. As parents negotiate these dilemmas, they not only confront conflicting medical guidelines about breastfeeding and solitary infant sleep, but also larger questions about cultural and moral expectations for children and parents, and their relationship with one another.

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