CHHRP Responds to CDC Circumcision Report

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Recently the CDC released a report claiming that the health benefits of male infant circumcision outweighed the risks of the procedure.  Interestingly, the tone focused on getting insurance to cover the procedure (there's a strong positive correlation between rates of infant male circumcision and it being covered by insurance), suggestive of a financially-motivated review.  As … [Read more...]

Memes, the Mommy Wars, and Context

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I find the whole Mommy Wars thing to be kind of a joke, to be honest.  I find that most people are reading judgment and shame into things when they simply aren’t there.  For example, if I tell someone I won’t wear a nursing cover, somehow it’s suggestive that they are “bad” for wearing one.  If I write a piece on breastfeeding or co-sleeping or being against the promotion of … [Read more...]

New Video Tries to Scare Parents Into Not Bedsharing

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So the following video is making the rounds on the interweb as a means of discouraging parents from bedsharing.  Take a moment and watch it yourself (I recommend staying away from hard things you might bang your head on, causing injury): Hello Ms. Cop.  Might I first ask what your qualifications are to talk about infant sleep and safety?  Are you a researcher on the … [Read more...]

Vinegar, Honey, and the Message

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You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. It makes sense if you’re a fly, but humans?  It’s used often in parenting discussions, with many actively arguing that too many people are turning others off a certain ideal because of the way they present it.  Lactivists are hurting the breastfeeding cause because they're "shaming" mothers who aren't breastfeeding or … [Read more...]

Practising What We Preach

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Since starting Evolutionary Parenting, I have been blessed to meet some truly wonderful people who, like me, are passionate about helping families looking for a path in parenting that is so different from what our mainstream society tells us we ought to do.  I don’t think people realize how hard it is to consistently be faced with the backlash of sharing information or trying … [Read more...]

Bedsharing and Formula Feeding

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Sleeping with your baby is as old as human history.  It is a biological norm for our babies to want to be close to us (and for most of us, for us to be close to them).  It is a practice that has been condemned in our current society, with fears of suffocation and SIDS leading the way, and most parents have been told flat-out to avoid it.  However, the practice is increasing as … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Six things you may not know about the Foster Care Process

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Tracy's Note: I am someone who constantly thinks about the foster system.  There is such a need for GOOD foster parents, but it seems most people don't know a lot of the information they should.  This guest post was provided to me to share with you what you need to know if you're considering fostering.  I hope more people will so we get to a stage where entering the foster … [Read more...]

Tantrums: Moving Beyond the Black and White of Ignoring or Giving In

Steps for Dealing with a Tantrum

Abstract In this article I discuss what a tantrum is, why the typical responses are incorrect, and a method for handling tantrums that will help families in the long-term.  Contrary to popular belief, a tantrum is not a means for a child to piss you off, but rather to express overwhelming emotions that the child is struggling with.  The ideas of “trying to get attention” or … [Read more...]

“Shut the Door and Walk Away”

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Another baby expert in Australia is making headlines talking about his method of helping over 10,000 families over 30 years reach a full night’s sleep (or as it was reported).  That method?  Get your baby ready for bed, put them in their crib in their own room by 7pm, shut the door, then don’t open it until 7am.  Walk away and ignore the crying, even if the child is crying for … [Read more...]

Bedsharing Beyond Infancy: The Question of Independence

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Abstract: Bedsharing in Western cultures is often looked down upon and considered socially inappropriate.  In the younger ages, safety fears run rampant, but even when these fears subside, bedsharing remains taboo.  The largest cultural concern with bedsharing beyond infancy is that somehow it will stifle a child's social development, particularly in the realm of independence. … [Read more...]