Deserving Love


My daughter is currently going through the difficult stage of accepting losing in games (which didn’t used to be such a problem).  I’m sure we all know the one because I actually have yet to meet a child that doesn’t experience it to some degree.  The other day she experienced a loss in Candyland coupled with being hungry.  Needless to say, a full-on meltdown ensued.  She went … [Read more...]

Chemicals Found in Breast Milk: Is It Enough to Negate the “Benefits”?


As seems to always be the case, when a new article comes out suggesting breastfeeding “isn’t all that”, the media pounces on it.  Tons of articles crop up reminding us that the “benefits” of breastfeeding either aren’t all that great or that we’re ignoring real risks about breastfeeding.  Well, another new article has done just that and grabbed headlines in most news outlets, … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A Baker’s Dozen of Gentle Sleep Aid Attempts & Our Partial Weaning Story


By Julia Dewing I preface my story by saying that it may seem that my current sleep & parenting “solution” is related to weaning, and I would like to make clear that I am 100% pro-breastfeeding. I plan to let our daughter fully wean herself once we place the personally appropriate (for her and me)  limits on our nursing relationship, which has gone from feeding on demand … [Read more...]

Does New Research Really Say Punishment Is Helpful?

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The other day I opened up my beloved Science Daily to find the following headline: “Punishing a Child is Effective if Done Correctly”.  After I managed to regulate my blood pressure, I went on to read the article for I had to know exactly what was going on.  All the research I have read in recent years doesn’t support this view at all – from time outs to spankings, the evidence … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Finding What Works for Sleep

Source: New Parent

By Tess C. I knew before my son was born that I wanted to keep him in bed with me. I knew vaguely that I slept with my mother when I was little (honestly, it lasted until my teenage years when I lived at her house). Because of that history, it felt like the comfortable route to take, but I also read about safety guidelines for bed-sharing. My husband was open and positive … [Read more...]

Elimination Diets: Food Sensitivities in the Breastfed Baby

Source: Tracy Cassels

Many a parent has experienced the high frequency crying that comes along in the first few months of a baby’s life.  Sometimes the crying can seem too much, like something is wrong, and many people are simply told it’s “normal” and to just deal with it.  Often it's accompanied by poor sleep (waking every hour or less), rashes (which many assume are normal), and in some cases, … [Read more...]

New Research Supports Including Evolutionary Breastfeeding in Health Comparisons

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For anyone that follows EP regularly, they will know I (relatively) recently posted a piece talking about one of the more common problems with breastfeeding research that no one discusses – namely, that we don’t often have a comparison group that includes what I would call evolutionary breastfeeding.  That is, women who exclusively breastfeed for approximately six months … [Read more...]

Guest Post: What You and Your Child Need to Know About Personal Safety

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By Lauren Book, author of It's OK to Tell As a parent, you do everything in your power to protect your children. You lock all the doors in your house before going to bed. You tell them never to talk to strangers. You insist they wear helmets whenever they ride a bike. But how much time do you spend talking with them about personal safety as it relates to their bodies? We … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Learning To Trust Our Children Through Sleep Struggles

Source: Taylor Davis

By Taylor Davis I share this story, even though it’s hard, because I know there are so many families struggling with altered sleep schedules during their early parenting years.  In some ways, I wish I didn’t have the story to even share, but the fact that it happened can’t be changed and I hope that by sharing, I’ll encourage other families to listen to their instincts and … [Read more...]

Understanding the Important Relationship Between Sleep and Feeding Method

Copyright: Kirill Federspiel

There are two new research articles out that complement each other quite nicely and highlight a very critical issue when it comes to parenting: The relationship between breastfeeding and infant sleep.  Although many “experts” like to ignore that sleep patterns will differ in crucial ways (and not others) when a child is exclusively breastfed, the fact is that feeding method can … [Read more...]