“I’m an overly-educated stay-at-home mom”


Last week I was at a party with my daughter for a friend’s daughter.  We were classmates together in graduate school, obtaining our M.A.s in Clinical Psychology together and while I switched over to the Developmental program for my Ph.D., she stayed in Clinical for a couple years before leaving the program when she had her first child. Her choice wasn’t that she truly wanted … [Read more...]

That Similac Ad (You Know the One)

the matrix

Similac has won the Internet and marketing in general with a new ad that has most moms crying out "Yes!" Here it is for context (potential trigger warning for implied possible harm to child): I'll be honest, I didn't like it.  At all.  I appreciate what they've done, but I didn't like it.  At first I chose to ignore it.  After all, I didn't like it, but many others … [Read more...]

Eco Play: 7 Eco-Friendly Activities for Kids


Play is fun and kids need to play.  It doesn't mean we can't offer some cool ways to help them learn about and help the environment at the same time.  Here are 7 activities that they can take part in that will not only help them learn and help the environment, but should be pretty fun too. Build your own greenhouse with plastic bottles Upcycle your plastic bottles with … [Read more...]

Circumcision, Pain, and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders

circumcision banner

A new study has been published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine reporting a higher risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in boys who have undergone infant circumcision[1].  Not just some small increased risk either, but a risk in the range of approximately 80%.  What prompted this research?  How good is the research?  What take-home messages are there? The … [Read more...]

Review: Pin Pix Board from Art to Frames


Early in December, I received a message from a woman called Mimi.  She worked for Art to Frames and wanted to know if I was willing to review their product.  I warned her that I don’t guarantee a good review, but that I’d be happy to give it a shot.  Having never heard of the company, I had no idea what they offered except I figured it had to do with art and framing.  We like … [Read more...]

Distress, Self-Soothing, and Extinction Sleep Training

Self soothing distress chart

Abstract:  Extinction methods of sleep training – namely cry-it-out and controlled crying – are assumed to work via teaching a child to “self-soothe”.  It is under this premise that many parents engage in the practice, believing they are “helping” their child.  Unfortunately extinction sleep training neither teaches self-soothing nor helps a child in the sense of social or … [Read more...]

CHHRP Responds to CDC Circumcision Report

circumcision banner

Recently the CDC released a report claiming that the health benefits of male infant circumcision outweighed the risks of the procedure.  Interestingly, the tone focused on getting insurance to cover the procedure (there's a strong positive correlation between rates of infant male circumcision and it being covered by insurance), suggestive of a financially-motivated review.  As … [Read more...]

Memes, the Mommy Wars, and Context

EP Image Trends

I find the whole Mommy Wars thing to be kind of a joke, to be honest.  I find that most people are reading judgment and shame into things when they simply aren’t there.  For example, if I tell someone I won’t wear a nursing cover, somehow it’s suggestive that they are “bad” for wearing one.  If I write a piece on breastfeeding or co-sleeping or being against the promotion of … [Read more...]

New Video Tries to Scare Parents Into Not Bedsharing

Me after watching the video.
Credit: Flickr/Jes

So the following video is making the rounds on the interweb as a means of discouraging parents from bedsharing.  Take a moment and watch it yourself (I recommend staying away from hard things you might bang your head on, causing injury): Hello Ms. Cop.  Might I first ask what your qualifications are to talk about infant sleep and safety?  Are you a researcher on the … [Read more...]

Vinegar, Honey, and the Message

Credit: Flickr/Kent Wang

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. It makes sense if you’re a fly, but humans?  It’s used often in parenting discussions, with many actively arguing that too many people are turning others off a certain ideal because of the way they present it.  Lactivists are hurting the breastfeeding cause because they're "shaming" mothers who aren't breastfeeding or … [Read more...]