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Welcome to Evolutionary Parenting!  There are a few new things that have come up here recently as well as some upcoming events in October that people may be interested in joining.  If you have any questions about any of these items, please pop me an email at tracy@evolutionaryparenting.com.

Upcoming Talks and Events
On October 19th at 9am EDT I will be giving my talk “Parenting a High-Needs Baby in a Low-Needs Society” for the GOLD Birth and Beyond Conference.  This conference takes place online and if you are a professional, they have continuing education credits for these talks for a variety of professions.
You can check out the full conference here: https://www.goldbirthandbeyond.com/
You can check out a preview of my talk here: https://www.goldbirthandbeyond.com/conference/presentations/359

On October 21st at 5pm EDT I will be doing a live talk with the fabulous Anne Cullen (https://www.iamannecullen.com/) who is a parenting coach and lactation consultant in New Zealand.  I am a huge fan of hers and am very excited to be able to sit down and talk about the many issues facing parents today.  She will be streaming live via StreamYard so you will be able to watch it live on her Facebook page and my own (she’s helping with that).  You can check out the event page HERE.

Starting October 22nd, I am pleased to announce the Raised Good Online Summit of which I am humbled to be a speaker amongst some amazing individuals include Dr. James McKenna, Pinky McKay, Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, and more.  This summit is FREE to register and watch all the interviews during the period of October 22nd to 26th.  If you want lifetime access to the speakers, then there is a cost, but you don’t need to buy ahead of time – you can try it out and see if it’s something you want for your parenting toolkit.  I can say that I had an amazing time chatting with the wonderful Tracy Gillett of Raised Good and I hope you enjoy these too.  You can register HERE and check out the one-minute clip of my talk below.

New Posts
If you missed the few new posts last month, I covered in detail some new research on babywearing, the idea of parenting just for happiness, as well as a post helping people understand what is meant by the “Orchid Child” concept.  You can check out these and all other articles here.

Science and Sleep Training: The Hidden Truth.
For those of you who work as Lactation Consultants or for anyone who is interested, I have a continuing education module created by me and run through Breastfeeding Conferences Australia.  The topic is a thorough review of the science surrounding sleep training claims and how well it holds up (hint: not very well).  The module has been approved for 3 L-CERPs and is available until the end of 2020.  You can find out more here.

What is Evolutionary Parenting?

In short: Understanding how we evolved to parent.

The longer answer is that it is a philosophy surrounding parenting that involves biology, history, neuroscience, anthropology, and developmental psychology.  We as humans have evolved in a particular manner, and the parent-child relationship is no different.  Children, especially babies, expect certain behaviours from their caregivers and research is starting to understand both how deviations from these expectations affect child development and the bidirectional nature of the child-parent relationship.  Of course, not all people can or want to parent our children based on their biology.  In this realm, Evolutionary Parenting focuses on the idea that anytime we deviate from a known biological norm, we should have good reason and try to mimic biological processes as much as possible in order to minimize disruptions to later outcomes and child well-being.
In addition to the philosophy, Evolutionary Parenting is about understanding and integrating research into our decision making process.  In today’s day and age, there is almost too much information and too many choices for parents to make, meaning researching decisions could become a full-time job.  Yet often what parents are told is “evidence-based” is lacking in good evidence, or the evidence that does exist only speaks to one outcome whilst ignoring others.  Thus, summarizing and integrating research is an essential part of Evolutionary Parenting, with a clear focus on discussing the quality of individual pieces of research and how it aligns with the philosophy outlined above.
You can read more on what is Evolutionary Parenting here.

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